Wisdom On Health And Happiness

Dr. Bernie Siegel, Known Worldwide for His Wisdom on Health, Inspiring Stories, and Happiness

Dr. Bernie Siegel, retired surgeon and author of the worldwide best selling book, Love, Medicine & Miracles and other best selling books, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, How to Live Between Office Visits and so much more on www.berniesiegelmd.com is the guest on The Matter of the Heart.

Does life ever end? Is there a beginning or is there an end? Or is life a circle that continuously moves forward? Bernie discusses this as well.as his many inspiring stories of his patients that triumphed over all obstacles. Why did Johnnie the gardener want to keep his landscaping business despite his challenging disease? How did he survive and how can we learn from him? Why did Johnnie want to keep the world beautiful despite all odds?

What was the experience of Bernie when he was 3 years old? Why does he believe that we all have the consciousness of another person? What does that consciousness do to our present being? How did Bernie decide to become a surgeon? What was the symbol of the sword? Dr. Siegel believes that there are no consequences. He will tell you so many fascinating stories that only Bernie knows how to tell!

What are the words from the song “all my life is a circle” by Harry Chapin? Dr. Siegel quotes Carl Jung who said that our future is prepared long in advance. Bernie talks about his patients and how they revealed their feelings with their drawings. What can we learn from a placebo effect? What is self induced healing or spontaneous remission? What happens to our immune system and our stress levels when we engage with humor? Why happens to our health when we engage with our authentic self? Why is it so important to do what makes you happy? How did Helen Keller adapt to her life with such strength and wisdom? Is laughter a spiritual medication? Bernie tells host Carol about studies in Australia and how a plant would help a patient in a nursing home live longer when they would take care of it! Dr. Bernie Siegel has such health wisdom, knowledge and common sense. He is worldwide for his infinite knowledge on medicine and his medical stories that will lift your spirits.