What Does Your Body Language Reveal About YOU

What Does Your Body Language Reveal About YOU and the Art of Observation – Terry Earthwind Nichols

Terry Earthwind Nichols is a vision strategist. He is chairman of Evolutionary Healer, Ambassador of United Refugee Green Council, founder of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression which has practitioners in 14 countries. He is also an international speaker and author of several books.

How much does your unconscious mind play into your body language? Can you tell someone’s personality by their walk, their handshake, the crossing of their legs or more? Terry Earthwind Nichols offers such great insight into the parts of the body. What do texts or emails reveal about the person? Do you receive a short text or do you sometimes feel that the person does not want to engage with you in an email? What is the psychology of someone who gives you a blank look when you ask them a question? What does your voice reveal? Are you comfortable about expressing your emotions when you speak? There is so much information in this podcast about your body and the insight we can learn from by observing another human being.