The Soul Knows That There is A Lot To Learn

The Soul Knows That There is A Lot To Learn – Michael De Baker, Evolutionary Astrologer

Michael De Baker is a licensed regression therapist and evolutionary astrologer living in Spain with his private practice for over 30 years. Michael specializes in combining regression therapy with his psychotherapeutic work. He regularly lectures and runs the School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands.

Did you know that the soul creates a multitude of lives? Michael is able to recognize the challenging issues from your past without any judgment. He does not share the past soul information to the client. He carefully talks about the story of the client acknowledging that the client may have some trauma, fear or anxiety or other important emotional concerns. His kindness and the art of listening are 2 important human qualities that he engages with for the healing process of the client. He mentions Brian Weiss and the validation with regression therapy. Michael uses intuition to enter into the gateway of the soul. What is the difference between the spirit and the soul? He discusses the abyss of the unknown and its relevance for us to step outside our roles and become exactly who we are. He approaches his profession in a very humanistic way.