The Power of Vortex Healing Divine Magic

The Power of Vortex Healing, Divine Magic – Simon Deacon, Transformational Healer

Simon Deacon is certified in the 2 most powerful vortex healing techniques, MI manifesting intention and Merlins Grace. Simon’s other certifications in vortex healing are multi frequency, life form, genetics multi frequency device, karmic bodies, jewel, quantum gate and quantum level and angelic levels.

What does healing mean to you? Is it only body, mind and spirit? What is the source of vortex healing? What is accelerated healing? How does the divine healing come through Simon? Do you think that you can change your belief system? Are you conscious of your negative patterns? What is avatar? Simon Deacon discusses with host Carol the divine expression of love. What is magical divine consciousness? Who was the founder of vortex healing? What are karma knots Can we be free from the past? Simon believes that our soul is continually evolving. Simon coveys to us an interesting romance story where the woman had emotional blocks for transforming her image for a new partner. Vortex healing does not stop after a client leaves the office. The healing continues and is permanent. Do you have a birth right for abundance and transformation. Simon believes that you do and believes that vortex haling is a true blessing of divine magic.