The Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Water

Andrea Alchemy – Founder of Ministry of Water, Water Intuitive, Creator of Water for Well Being Products – The Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Water

Andrea believes that water is a gift from the Creator and calls water liquid gold.

What is the high vibration of water? Is it considered food? How much water should one intake and is the amount different for many people? How can you tell if you should drink more? How should you drink water? Should you sip it all day or what other way? Should you drink water before a meal or during the meal? What can chapstick or something sticky on your lips do to your thirst for water? Does a headache indicate dehydration? What temperature should the water be at? How do different cultures drink water? Why do Asian countries drink hot water? Why do many European countries engage lemon in their water? Did you know that lemon is anti inflammatory? Andrea gives us so much valuable information about a food that we may take for granted. She discusses with Carol that the first step to engage in the morning is to drink water with a lemon. Andrea tells Carol that lemon in water is more effective than Vitamin C. Andrea only uses glass bottles for the distribution of her water. Why is she against plastic and why is there an expiration date on plastic bottles and not glass? What is the significance of the number 131 with water? Do you ever bless the water? Is there any correlation between water and emotions? What is the rice and water experiment? What does it prove? Does water have a consciousness? Andrea is very passionate about the gift of water and her knowledge will amaze you. You just might sip your water differently!