The Opioid Crisis

Lisa Boucher – The Opioid Crisis

Lisa Boucher registered nurse and author of the award winning book Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture won her Best Book Award in the category of women’s health. What is an opioid? Is heroin an opioid? How does it affect the receptors in the brain and what happens to the nervous system? Why are some doctors pulling back on prescribing opioids? Has this become a legal issue and is this the reason? How are the pharmaceutical companies being affected? Lisa Boucher register nurse has had many experiences in the hospitals and treatment centers and tells host Carol Olivia many stories in the hospital setting that will astound you. Who is responsible for the overdose of this medication? Has this become more of a business? What are pill mills? Are lower income areas more affected by the overdose? Did you know that Montgomery county has the highest rate of overdose with its liberal usage? What is Google doing with these situations? Have they partnered with some hospitals and are the sober treatment centers effective? What about the Appalachian area, Kentucky and Vancouver Canada? Did you know that many users of heroin have used many other drugs before? Lisa Boucher believes that the only person that can help an addict is another healed addict who is capable of more understanding. Did you know that the Google approach is MAT and what does that mean? Lisa and Carol Olivia both believe that the root of the problem is the emotional component. What are the alternatives to healing without the use of another drug such as Suboxone? Lisa Boucher believes that the physical, social, spiritual and emotional approach is needed for treatment. What is the story of the addict? She believes that courage is needed to heal verses medication for the long term. How does self empowerment fit into the healing process? This podcast with guest Lisa Boucher is an eye opener for anyone who wants to know about the opioid crisis.