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The Wisdom of Health with Dr. Bernie Siegel, Pioneer of Body-Mind Medicine

Dr. Bernie Siegel, retired surgeon and Author of the Worldwide Best Selling Book, Love, Medicine and Miracles will speak on his latest books, wisdom of life and his medical and amazing life stories.

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Why did Bernie also think of calling his latest book Bible 2 instead of No Endings, Only Beginnings, A Doctor's Notes on Living, Loving, And Learning Who You Are. Why is nature one of Bernie"s teachers of life? What is Dr. Siegel's concept of the Creator? Do you have any reflection when you raise your arms to the sky and seek answers within? What is the common theme of his 2 books? Are you a love warrior? What is a loving intelligent conscious energy? Listen to so many stories that will enlighten you to the many secrets of life, like the blind person who had an out of body experience and was able to see everything that was going on in the operating room. Dr. Bernie Siegel believes that there are so many mysteries in nature that is far beyond man's consciousness. This podcast will truly elevate your spirit . Bernie is the master of health, healing and inspiring stories of mankind. Listen to this worldwide known guest on The Matter of the Heart podcast.

Dr. Edward T. Creagan, Professor of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic of College Medicine

Dr. Edward T. Creagan Professor of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, John and Roma Rouse Professor of Humanism, Palliative Care Consultant, Past President Mayo Clinic Faculty, Distinguished Clinician, Mayo Clinic will discuss Isolation in the Covid 19 Pandemic and What To Do About It. This is a very powerful and important podcast with such health wisdom from Dr. Edward T. Creagan.

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What are the consequences of isolation in this pandemic? Is it more difficult to live alone? Besides the economic crisis, what are the emotional consequences, such as depression, anxiety, domestic violence and much more? What are the emotional benefits of seeing someone in person rather than seeing someone on the internet? Listen to this amazing Antarctica story and what we can learn from it. How long does the virus last on a surface? What do the 3 F's mean in the Greek culture with regards to transformation? There is so much information in this podcast. You will learn all the aggressive behavior tools that you will need. Listen to the expert Dr. Edward T. Creagan, Distinguished Clinician, Mayo Clinic

Living A Course In Miracles (ACIM)- David Fishman

David Fishman has been mentoring students and teachers in A Course In Miracles, ACIM. David is the co founder of One Mind Foundation.

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Carl Jung once quoted, "What you resist persists". David Fishman discusses the many spiritual and practical qualities in this worldwide course. How does our ego play into this ? How can we shift our perception so that we are no longer fear based? Why does resistance take away from our being in the moment? How can we develop trust from divine guidance. David Fishman talks about many lessons and the wisdom with each one. He believes that we live in a sea of synchronicity in an ocean of love. David discusses how we can listen to the wisdom of God rather than our ego which can be fear based. Why does the ego always want to be right and why is that so detrimental to our self growth? Listen to him talk about lessons 47, 48, 49 and 50. How can we bring our mind into a peaceful place? How can we remove all blockages for our attainment of love? This podcast with David Fishman goes into the wisdom in A Course in Miracles, ACIM. He is an expert and offers you much to think about.

How Has Covid 19 Affected Animals and Can Humans Pass it to Animals or Vice Versa – Dr. Wanda Buckner

Dr. Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services, People and Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki Healer and Medium for Pets and Animals will discuss the Covid 19 crisis for animals, pets and humans.

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Dr. Buckner also discusses many stories of animals in the wildlife environment. Did you know that there are now more jellyfish in Venice? What about the rat population? Rats and monkeys and becoming more aggressive because of the pandemic. What happened to the mink farms in the Netherlands? Which pet can get Covid 19 easier? Should you wear a mask in your home because there is a pet who lives there? Dr. Wanda Buckner discusses why the moods of our pets shift with our disposition. Learn how we can learn from the animals and what wisdom they have for us. Can a pet be helpful for you in the times of the Covid 19 crisis and what does it do to our immune system? Lots of information in this important podcast with Dr. Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services.

Finding Your Truth in Your Unbounded Journey and the Covid19 – Aaron McCormick

Aaron McCormick is an entrepreneur with a 7 figure earnings and was awarded the Best of IBM Award. Aaron is the author of Unbounded: Journey to Your Within. Here is a quote from Aaron McCormick. “listening to one’s true inner voice will cut those low frequency bindings and create a totally unlimited and unbounded life.”

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Are we all fluid human beings? Do you put yourself In a category? Why are we here and what are we to experience? Aaron McCormick speaks about the energy or feeling that is not expressed in words. Do we sometimes repress our energy and where is it stored? What is your macro theme? How can we understand and embrace our unlimited power? What is the meaning of our soul muscles? How do obstacles enhance our journey? How can we awaken our heart in these challenging times? Maybe it is ok to be unhappy. What will that do for us? Aaron McCormick gives the listener such wisdom that you will treasure with deep contemplation.

Manifestation of Money, 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use, and Your Credit Score – Joel Salomon

Joel Salomon is a prosperity coach helping people overcome their money obstacles. Joel is an award winning speaker and chartered financial analyst. He has appeared on TV with CEO Money, and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and interviewed in Forbes Magazine and Bloomberg radio. Joel Salomon is the author of 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use: Only The Unconventional Ones.

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What is the vibration of money? Is it good to hold onto your money? Should you give from your heart without any obligation and what does it do to your vibration? Learn financial wisdom from the money expert Joel Salomon.

What is a credit score? What determines the interest rate and what determines your creditworthiness? Learn the 5 most important factors in a credit score. How does it affect your total being when you are financially free? Should you negotiate with a credit card company? Should you consider balance transfer? What did John Templeton believe in? What are the 7 money personality types? Joel Solomon gives you so much practical and wise information in this podcast and listen to his free financial offer.

How Thoughts Become Things – Movie – Doug Vermeeren

Doug Vermeeren is considered one of the top leaders in personal development and achievement psychology. Enterprise Magazine calls him Canada’s Tony Robbins and is the regular featured expert on CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX and many more. He is a film producer of many films including How Thoughts Become Things.

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Doug Vermeeren discusses the success markers, how to confront problems, how to be consistent with them and how to improvise. Did you know that the best way to get rid of fear is to look at the reality of the fear? What are some of the ingredients of the top achievers? Do you have toxic people around you and what do you do about it? Top achievers are problem solvers. They do not run away from the problem; they confront it. Did you know that your net worth is your WORTH, your values. What is your experience of money. How about giving back to someone in an anonymous way? It’s all about taking a LEAP of FAITH to EXPAND yourself and shift the thoughts of your brain which Doug Vermeeren speaks about so eloquently.

PTSD, Post COVID 19 and RBCR- Terry Earthwind Nichols

Terry Earthwind Nichols is the founder of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression which has practitioners in 14 countries. Terry is also the chairman of Evolutionary Healer, and Ambassador of United Refugee Green Council. He is also an author.

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How can frontline health workers benefit from RBCR? Which emotions are pushed deep into the mind and heart of a frontline health worker? What are some of the difficult emotions that many patients experience and how can they be healed? Is PTSD stored in our subconscious mind? How can we become free of them? Terry Earthwind Nichols discusses the 90% success rate of RBCR. Does a patient embrace a faith because of the COVID 19? Terry offers much insight with the processing of trauma especially in our childhood years. He believes that we can stop repetitive behavior that no longer serves our needs.

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Blinking Eyes, Human MRI, Miracle Healer & Shifting from the 3rd to 5th Dimension – Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly Meredith is a validated Miracle Healer, Medical Intuitive, a host on a miracle show on KCAA radio. and has appeared on Coast to Coast radio many times. She connects to the 5th dimension, the presence of the Holy Spirit, scans your body and receives messages from her blinking eyes which are transmitted to her brain. Kimberly Meredith has worked with Dr. Norman Shealy.

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How can you reach the 5th dimension and what does it offer you? Kimberly Meredith believes that the Holy Spirit helped to heal her from her near death experience and devotes her life helping others with compassion in her heart. What diseases have Kimberly picked up with her scanning abilities? How does she break down energy in your body that does not serve your health? Kimberly believes that she is a vessel and that the patient is a receiver of the energy. But the patient has to be open to it for the healing to occur without fear. She talks about going to your grass roots and how it can be accomplished. Does the 5h dimension embrace compassion for mankind? Kimberly Meredith will astound you with her gifts, her blinking eyes, her scanning, and her belief in the 5th dimension.

Front Line Health Workers and Survival Tools – Brenda Pearce RN, The Empowered Nurse

Brenda Pearce is an RN with 37 years of experience as a front-line nurse. She has also taught and trained front line essential caregivers and believes in an integrative approach to health and wellness. Brenda is a TV show producer, and host on a regional TV show in Canada. She is also a podcaster and author of several books including 100 Voices Inspiration Awakening & Empowerment. “All health is cell health” quotes Brenda Pearce.

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How do front line workers deal with the uncertainty of their lives? Brenda offers you much insight into health and the health care system with over 37 years of experience. How does mindfulness improve the focusing of the brain for hospital patients? What does prayer do to many of the patients that Brenda Pearce has witnessed? What is Brenda's wisdom of life after engaging with such difficult situations in hospitals? How does fear come into play with our overall healing process? She discusses the monks in Tibet and the Hundredth Monkey Effect. What does loving energy do to our immune system or to our cells? Listen to the wisdom of Brenda Pearce RN who believes that "All health is Cell Health".


Huna (Secret) Ancient Hawaiian Teachings – Belinda Farrell

Belinda Farrell is a certified neuro-linguistics practitioner and certified Huna practitioner of Ancient Hawaiian healing. Belinda is also a certified master hypnotherapist and author of Find Your Friggin Joy: Discover Missing Links from Ancient Hawaiian Teachings.

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What are some of the Ancient Hawaiian teachings from over 3000 years ago? Who were the kahunas and what did Max Freedom Long learn from the kahunas? He later acknowledged that the secrets of Huna healing which he had witnessed in Hawaii were encoded in the Hawaiian language. Belinda discusses the Huna way of forgiveness and gives you some examples of how you can connect to the healing process. Why is taking over your own responsibility so important for healing in the Huna teachings? What is the meaning of "chord"? Did you know that a "chord" can create an entity in us or an attachment? How can we cut it? Belinda discusses her story of 2 animals, the dolphin and the turtle and the spiritual meaning with both. Huna is an ancient teaching that will give you much to think about.

Spiritual Ramifications of the Coronavirus, Theories and the Bonding of the World – Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is a Psychic Lawyer, 4th generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is also a psychic explorer with his background in quantum psychics, survival of consciousness and near death experiences. Mark Anthony is an Oxford educated trial attorney and studied mediumship with the prestigious Arthur Finley College for the Advancement of Psychic Science. He is also the author o.f Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity. Mark Anthony is worldwide known.

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Mark Anthony discusses the concept of Star Wars, the evil side vs the good. He discusses the changes of the planet's environment and how nature is making a combat. Worldwide scientists are bonding together to find a treatment for the virus. The virus is creating an opportunity for us to solve the planets problems such as a cleaner air, cleaner waters and the visibility of the mountains and more. This human bond shows how we are all interconnected on planet earth. Mark Anthony discusses some of the theories that imply how the virus had started. Make up your own mind. This is a very informative show with much knowledge and wisdom.

Dysfunctional Relationships, Not Necessarily Rainbows or Unicorns – Dr Rita Louise

Dr. Rita Louise is the Founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics. Dr. Louise is a naturopath, medical intuitive, energy healer, empath, clairvoyant, and the author of The Dysfunctional Dance of the Empath and Narcissist. She is also the chairman of the Board for the International Association of Medical Intuitives.

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Dr. Louise delves into the psychological conditions of a dysfunctional relationship and offers ways to heal yourself. How do your childhood experiences play into this? What are the toxic signs to look for? Dr. Rita Louise believes that we have to take ownership of ourselves, to recognize the difficulties and to work with it. She guides her patients to become aware of their own story. Self empowerment is the magic tool for this process and Dr. Louise is quite candid about her own life, her marriages and her path. She discusses with the host Carol Olivia the many ingredients for a healthy heartfelt relationship. Her advise is wise, practical and integrates her holistic background for the patient. She believes that some medication is necessary but only when it is and would advise her patients to seek a medical physician.

Natural Tips for Cancer from A to Z – Dr. Sharon Stills

Dr. Sharon Stills NMD, Naturopathic Medical Doctor provides Therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients in need of a different approach to their health. She believes that the Mind and Body must be treated as well and has successfully helped thousands of women with medical concerns. Dr Stills is a leadership member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, The Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is also a leader in legislative issues regarding naturopathic medicine. She is also a certified meditation teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

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How important is toxicity to your total health? How do you do it? How do you detoxify yourself? Do you take your shoes off before you enter your home? How important is sweating? Dr Stills believes that everyone should sweat everyday because it moves the lymphatic system. What is Hydrotherapy? How can a hot and cold shower help to cleanse any toxicity? She believes that journaling can help the emotions cleanse themselves as well as creating a to-do list the day before. How many hours of sleep do you get and do you sleep in a dark room? What happens to your cortisol when your stress levels are high? Dr Stills does not believe anyone should drink coffee because it can create stress on the adrenal glands. She mentions EWG. She's totally opposed to sugar. Did you know that you should only eat in an 8 hour timeframe.

Attachment – Initial Parent Baby Bond and Development of the Brain – Dr. Dora Wolfe

Dr. Dora Wolfe is the CEO and clinical director of Wolfe Behavioral Health. Dr. Wolf. is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in trauma and attachment disorders. She believes in the holistic approach to treatment and integrative nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga, biofeedback and neurofeedback with her patients.

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How does the initial parent baby bond affect the development of the brain especially in areas related to affect regulation and stress management? How does this initial relationship set the template for all future relationships? Dr. Wolfe believes that early parenting is important for the brain development psychologically and physically. Which side of the brain is anger stored? Did you know that the baby will feel the vibration of the caretaker and that the physical or psychological vibrations could lead to a disease such as diabetes or a heart issue? Dr. Wolfe discusses why the caretaker should not walk away when the baby cries. Did you know that half of the population is insecurely attached?

The Beatles, The Maharishi, and the Influence with the Beatles – Susan Shumsky

Dr. Susan Shumsky has spent 22 years living in ashrams and 6 years on the personal staff of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She is the author of Maharishi and Me – Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles’ Guru. She is an award winning best selling author of 18 books. Susan’s quote- “Merely by being in his presence, we disciples entered an utterly timeless place“… Dr. Susan Shumsky believes that meditation is the panacea for all illnesses.

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What was it like to live in an ashram? How did TM affect her life? She discusses the influence of Alan Watts and Timothy Leary with her journey. How does one reach a state of higher consciousness? Do you know that TM reaches the 4th state of consciousness? What is the meaning of nirvana? Can you be totally whole and in a state of bliss? How were the Beatles influenced by the White Album? Learn about George Harrison and his association with the Maharishi. The Beatles composed 40 songs in the White Album which was attributed to their closeness with the Maharishi. There are lots of insight into TM, the Maharishi and the Beatles.

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Natural Remedies to Enhance Your Immune System for the Coronavirus – Your Survival Tools – Dr. Bonnie McLean

Dr. Bonnie McLean was awarded the Top International Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in 2019. Doctor McLean integrates in her oriental and acupuncture practice cupping, hypnosis, guided imagery, shamanic and energy healing. She is the author of Integrative Medicine, The Return of the Soul to Healthcare.  

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Dr. Bonnie McLean believes that your immune system is important for the prevention of the Coronavirus and gives you many tools to enhance your total well-being. She discusses the many stages of the disease and what remedies to follow. Doctor McLean discusses how the environment contributes to the outbreak of the virus. What does roundup do to your system and why are there many legal cases? Are you eating GMO foods and do you know how to detoxify your body? Dr.McLean believes that sugar and stress are the 2 major ingredients that help to deplete our immune system. How much sleep is required for your body? She mentions exercise, the value of the sun and gives you a recipe for the detoxification of the kidneys and liver. What supplements should you take? She gives you her opinion of chloroquine as well as her opinion of an upcoming vaccine. There is so much information in this podcast on the natural approach to the Coronavirus with Dr. Bonnie McLean and host Carol.

Divorce A New Perspective and How to Divorce Ourselves from Ourselves – Sherry Anshara

Sherry Anshara is an alternative medicine practitioner, a medical intuitive, a holistic healer, a quantum pathic holistic healer and founder of The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing. Sherry is also an author and educator.

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How do you divorce yourself from yourself and what does that mean? Sherry Anshara discusses how to cleanse out the old patterns, the self sabotage and more all leading to freedom. She discusses how we can look at ourselves differently than before and become exactly who we are. How does role playing contribute to this? Are you afraid of change or the unknown? Sherry believes that the unknown connects to our creativity and enhances a new direction to ones life. She calls the unknown a magic place to explore all of the possibilities. Are you willing to be willing? Are you willing to divorce from your partner? Has your relationship become too obligated for the sake of it? When is it time to divorce and what are the magic signs that Sherry Anshara discusses? Would you prefer to use the word like or love when describing your partner? There is such wisdom in this podcast with Sherry Anshara, concepts that we may never have thought about.

Ancestral Healing and Knowing Thyself – Cathy Skipper

Cathy Skipper was trained in France as an herbalist and an aromatherapist. Cathy works with plants intuitively and helps others to reconnect with nature. Both Cathy Skipper and her husband Dr. Florian Birkmayer, holistic psychiatrist work with aromas for transforming the entire psyche of the person tapping into the unconscious mind to fulfill its soul’s journey.

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Cathy Skipper delves into the mother line of her client or as she mentions the life force of the mother line. She believes that we can bury many traumas in our mother line which was never addressed or simply placed under the covers. She also talks about collective traumas such as traumas stored in indigenous cultures. One of the cultures that she mentions is the American Indian and the history of alcoholism, which could be considered part of the collective trauma syndrome. Can physical symptoms be inherited from our mother line? Once the trauma is healed from their mother line, the client feels freer and becomes connected to their soul's mission. Sometimes we also inherit negative patterns from our mother line. How do essential oils help to heal the client and which ones are important to heal the unconscious mind? Lots of valuable information with a deep appreciation of the power of the unconscious mind.

Health Benefits of Mindfulness with a 3 Minute Mindfulness Meditation- Paul Sugar

Paul Sugar is the founder and director of the Scottsdale Institute for Health and Medicine for Mindfulness. Paul Sugar has studied with Jon Kabat Zinn, creator of the mindfulness stress reduction program (MBSR). Paul has mentored people all over the world for over 25 years and has taught over 100 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction programs, as well as mindfulness based cognition therapy. Paul has also practices and teaches yoga, tai chi, and meditation for over 45 years.

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Paul Sugar had studied with the creator of mindfulness, Jon Kabat Zinn. There are over 3000 mindfulness studies all over the world which demonstrates its validity. These studies show strong positive outcomes with stress, emotionally, physically and mentally. Did you know that there are now over 1 million children worldwide practicing mindfulness? It is also practiced in prisons and even more so in the military. How is your intuition affected with the art of mindfulness? What is meant by fight or flight? What happens to us when we get stuck in fight or flight? Mindfulness can be practiced in groups or by yourself. It is also a tool for unblocking our fears enabling us to connect to our human qualities of kindness, compassion, listening and love. Paul is an expert in mindfulness based stress reduction programs. Paul offers you a 3 minute mindfulness meditation which is so enlightening to your whole being, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Loving Communication in Relationships and the Virus – Dr. Carla Marie Manly

Dr. Carla Manly is a clinical psychologist integrating mindfulness practices in her profession. Dr. Manly specializes in treatment of anxiety, gender identity, family and all types of relationship issues, depression, physical intimacy, and more. She is also the author of Joy from Fear and Aging Joyfully.

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Are we communicating differently today with the onset of the virus? Do your eyes reflect more via silent communication because of the mask you wear? Does anyone show you anger on a food line and what do you do about it? How do we acquire loving kind words? Dr. Manly talks about the benefits of pets and why they can teach us physical and verbal communication all for our healing benefit. She also discusses why it is so important to speak from our heart. She is an advocate of creating classes in schools for empathy, kindness and listening. Do you take responsibility for your communication? How can we communicate to a narcissist person? What defense tools do they use? Dr. Carla Marie Manly gives you so much information on the art of communication in relationships and gives you 5 steps to follow.

Our Soul Carries No Wounds – Energy Medicine and Shamanism – Jan Engels Smith

Jan Engles Smith used to be a psychotherapist until she realized that something didn’t make sense for optimal healing. Jan is now a shamanic practitioner who has organized 3500 soul retrievals. She is a chemical dependency specialist, hypnotherapist and reiki master. Jan Engels Smith integrates ancient healing techniques with her practice and is the author of Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart. She is the founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine. Jan Engels Smith believes that a shaman is a person who sees into the dark with their heart.

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She discusses why it is so important that the soul is properly aligned. How does a shaman earn their name? How is energy medicine connected to shamanism? Listen to her discussion of soul retrievals and how ancient ceremonies are so connected for the optimal healing. What can we learn from indigenous cultures? Why do we sometimes have difficulty with our past wounds and how can we heal them through soul retrievals? How important is the power of words for our total presence? Jan Engels Smith is a firm believer of the power of the soul and its essence of a high energy system.

What Does Your Body Language Reveal About YOU and the Art of Observation – Terry Earthwind Nichols

Terry Earthwind Nichols is a vision strategist. He is chairman of Evolutionary Healer, Ambassador of United Refugee Green Council, founder of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression which has practitioners in 14 countries. He is also an international speaker and author of several books.

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How much does your unconscious mind play into your body language? Can you tell someone's personality by their walk, their handshake, the crossing of their legs or more? Terry Earthwind Nichols offers such great insight into the parts of the body. What do texts or emails reveal about the person? Do you receive a short text or do you sometimes feel that the person does not want to engage with you in an email? What is the psychology of someone who gives you a blank look when you ask them a question? What does your voice reveal? Are you comfortable about expressing your emotions when you speak? There is so much information in this podcast about your body and the insight we can learn from by observing another human being.

Unveiling 2020- Pocket Guide for Living Month by Month – Antot Masuka

Antot Masuka is the founder of celestial He is a western astrologer, an astrocartographer, and a horary astrologer. He has accurately predicted earthquakes and is a frequent speaker at the Edgar Cayce Foundation of New York City.

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Antot Masuka will give you an overview of the major events in 2020 which will guide your life with no surprises. Did you know that every 19 years a major challenging event occurs in the world? Why will August be so powerful and what should you be prepared for? He will give you the dates. He will discuss the 5 great conjunctions, the 7 major eclipses, the major transits and the squares in the universe. 2020 will provide you with a total of 26 full and new moons. Why are the retrogrades contributing to the tension of the world in 2020? Did you know that there is a difference between climate and earth change? What should a person who has a Capricorn sign do to balance their overall energy? Antot proclaims Sept 30 international earthquake day and you will listen to his reasoning. Antot Masuka provides you with so much information, astrologically, economically, spiritually and emotionally and more. You will need to listen to the podcast over and over again, all for your betterment. Listen to why Antot believes that 2020 will stretch the human psyche beyond the limits of endurance!

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Cancer and the Environment – I’m OK Because God Does Not Create Junk – Dr. Norman Shealy

Dr Norman Shealy is the first physician to specialize in the resolution of back pain via holistic management as well as deep anxiety, and chronic depression. His neurosurgeon training included Duke University, Mass. General and Washington University. Dr. Shealy is a keynote speaker in national and international conferences. He is the president of Shealy Sorin Wellness Center and Holos Energy Medicine Education. Some of Dr. Shealy’s contributions to mankind are the invention of the TENS machine, cranial electrical stimulator, acknowledging medical intuition, the founder of the American Holistic Association, Co Founder with Caroline Myss, the American Board for Scientific Medical Intuition. He appeared on national TV including Oprah, Geraldo, the Morning Show, the Today Show and many more.

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Dr. Shealy has 14 patents in energy medicine and has published 36 books. What is in the environment and in our foods that are damaging to our health? What does roundup, the pesticide do to our well being? Why does roundup have law cases? Do you drink fluoride water or use fluoride toothpaste? Dr.Shealy discusses the blue zones and scalar energy. Listen to his 5 healthy habits. How much water should you drink according to your weight? What is orac? Dr. Shealy believes that most of us eat junk foods. How much coffee is acceptable for your health? Does he believe in the word "organic"? He talks about detachment, faith, the soul and the Higher Power, There is a wealth of health information from the master of health, Dr. Norman Shealy.

Coronavirus, Survival Behavior, Beliefs and Possibilities – Dr. Bernie Siegel

Dr.Bernie Siegel – retired surgeon and author of the worldwide best selling book, Love Medicine & Miracles and other best selling books, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace Love & Healing, How to Live Between Office Visits and so much more on

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Bernie will discuss survival behavior for the coronavirus which will be helpful for you. He had immense experiences with this from his cancer patients. He discusses how important it is to live from the heart and then magic will happen. What will your attitude do to your immune system and why is it so important? Why is laughter so important for your immune system? He stresses the ;power of the mind with the virus and what tools to use. Is it good to work from the home now and what can you learn about yourself? Do you have hope with your challenges in life and how does it change the chemistry of your body? Does it open up more doors of possibilities? How can you learn to be less vulnerable? Does love help with your survival behavior for the coronavirus? Listen to Dr. Siegel speak about the wisdom of his mother which we can all learn from. What would be good words to tell President Trump when there are disagreements? Bernie has so many health and healing stories to talk about. He is the master of stories which we can all relate to. Listen to the medical wisdom of Dr. Bernie Siegel. Bernie is known worldwide and his voice emanates from his heart.

Past Lives, A New Perspective and the Now – Dr. Wanda Buckner

Dr. Wanda Buckner is the founder of Healing Energy Services, Pet and People Communicator, Energy Healer Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki, and Medium for Pets and People.

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Dr. Wanda Buckner delves into the concepts of past lives as well as the now.. She discusses that there is no real proof of past lives, but is still open to it. Wanda mentions Eric Erikson the hypnotherapist and why he delved into the concept of it with his practice. How does a child prodigy learn to play music from the composer Mozart at such a young age? Dr. Buckner thinks that past lives are a useful tool to understand our present world. She gives us an example of a horse and the horse's past life connection to a warrior horse. Can your past life be traced to your genealogy? Dr. Buckner stresses that we should spend less time on our past lives and basically concentrate on the now, the present life. What dd writer D.H. Lawrence say about us being transmitters of our lives? Do you have your own temple? Dr.Wanda Buckner gives us a new perspective on past lives with so many interesting stories to think about.

Coronavirus – Dr.Edward Creagan Professor of Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Dr. Edward Creagan is Professor of Medical Oncology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, John and Roma Rouse, Professor of Humanism in Medicine, Past President of Mayo Clinic Faculty , Distinguished Mayo Clinician Award , Mayo Clinics Highest Honor and a Palliative Care Consultant.

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Dr. Edward Creagan will explain everything about the coronavirus from its origin from the " Chicago of China" to its physical image, to how to protect ourselves and how to increase our immune system. Why is there such a steep increase with infected people in such a short period of time and how can we curtail it? Dr.Creagan discusses his 5 tactics to protect ourselves and the songs that he engages with via his 20 second ritual of washing his hands. Can heat or hot weather be a detriment for the spreading of the coronavirus? What happened in Milan and other cities throughout the world? What happens to the human being psychologically or spiritually? Dr. Edward Creagan discusses his belief in the Divine or whatever name you are comfortable with to comfort you during these challenging times. What are 5 ways to improve our immune system? Why is water so important for our overall health? How much should you drink? Why does it relate to our weight? How can the virus imperil our collective consciousness? This must hear podcast will give you a wealth of information during these uncertain and challenging times.

The Soul Knows That There is A Lot To Learn – Michael De Baker, Evolutionary Astrologer

Michael De Baker is a licensed regression therapist and evolutionary astrologer living in Spain with his private practice for over 30 years. Michael specializes in combining regression therapy with his psychotherapeutic work. He regularly lectures and runs the School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands.

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Did you know that the soul creates a multitude of lives? Michael is able to recognize the challenging issues from your past without any judgment. He does not share the past soul information to the client. He carefully talks about the story of the client acknowledging that the client may have some trauma, fear or anxiety or other important emotional concerns. His kindness and the art of listening are 2 important human qualities that he engages with for the healing process of the client. He mentions Brian Weiss and the validation with regression therapy. Michael uses intuition to enter into the gateway of the soul. What is the difference between the spirit and the soul? He discusses the abyss of the unknown and its relevance for us to step outside our roles and become exactly who we are. He approaches his profession in a very humanistic way.

Coronavirus, Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Lyme disease- Scalar Energy Healing – Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino began his undergraduate years and was inspired by Nikola Tesla, best known for his contribution to the design of the modern alternating current electricity system. Nikola Tesla inspired Tom to develop scalar energy instruments and Tom has successfully healed patients with HIV/AIDS, herpes, lyme disease and more.

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Tom Paladino will also discuss how scalar light energy is able to cure patients with the coronavirus. Tom Paladino has been researching scalar energy healing for over 40 years. What is scalar light energy? Did you know that it is a very natural source emanating from the sun and from the stars? Tom Paladino has developed scalar instruments that can improve ones health via a photograph and he discusses how scalar energy is implemented to anyone around the world.

He discusses how the light force breaks down the molecular bond of a virus or bacteria. How does scalar energy disassemble the germ. How is it targeted? Why are the Japanese so receptive to scalar light energy? What is prana or chi and why are they important for the healing process in scalar energy? There is so much information with this podcast and many stories for the validation of scalar light energy. It is an infinite source of life, the light from the sun and stars, and the divine wisdom of the creative force.

How To Make Friends With Your Unconscious Mind – Dr. Florian Birkmayer

Dr. Florian Birkmayer use to be a conventional psychiatrist and after a time became disillusioned with the process of prescribing medications with no real solution. Later on, Dr. Birkmayer embraced his present profession, holistic psychiatry. He is a wounded healer, ceremonialist teacher, a PTSD therapist and works with the aromas of essential oils transforming the entire psyche, body, mind and spirit.

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Dr. Florian Birkmayer discusses how we can collaborate with our unconscious mind which he feels is very important for healing our past wounds. He gives you a quote by Carl Jung that the world hangs by a thin thread and many events are from our psyche. He discusses the observer and meditation. There are many modalities that we can embrace to connect to our unconscious mind, all for the betterment of becoming exactly who we are. He mentions hypnotherapy, dream journaling, intuition, synchronicity and more. He will inform you of the essential oils to use and the master of them all. How can we get to the balance of our conscious and unconscious mind? What is the royal road to the unconscious mind? How can we listen to our soul through our unconscious mind? How do the angels speak to us through our unconscious mind? This podcast with Dr. Florian Birkmayer and host Carol Olivia Adams will enlighten you to respect your unconscious mind recognizing the importance of it for the healing of your total psyche.

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Akashic Records – Maureen St. Germaine, Founder of the Akashic Records International

Maureen St. Germaine is the founder of the Akashic Records International and has spoken with her wisdom in 24 countries. She has been featured in National Geographic, Gaia TV, and Coast to Coast syndicated radio show. She is the author of Opening the Akashic Records – Meet Your Record Keepers and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose.

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What is the true meaning of the Akashic records and does everyone have one? Maureen St. Germaine discusses how the records connect to our soul's purpose and how we can benefit from this. Can we access our records on our own or do we need a practitioner? What or who are the record keepers? Do we all have a different one? Does the record keeper tap into one soul or many of our souls? Maureen explains that  the record keeper can get our information from our angels or guides, all to enhance our soul's purpose. She talks about China and how the people are very sensitive to the concept of the record keepers. Edgar Cayce spoke about the akashic records in his channeling. Did you know that there are 11 dimensions in the world? Each one has a distinctive quality of evolution. There is tons of information on the akashic records with the guest  Maureen St. Germain, founder of the Akashic Records International.

Alcoholism – You Don’t Have to Hit Bottom, How Can Alcoholics Triumph and Become Sober – Lisa Boucher

Lisa Boucher is a registered nurse and has worked in hospitals with hundreds of women with addiction issues for over 25 years. She realized from her many years in the medical setting that doctors and traditional health care practitioners offered little solutions with patients who had addiction issues. This propelled Lisa to write Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture. She received the Best Book Award in 2017 in the genre of women’s health.

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Well over 15 million people in the United States have addiction problems and less than 8% receive treatment. What prevents them from taking the step for healing? Could it be a self denial? The guest came from an abusive family and discusses her upbringing and why she made the decision to stop drinking. Why do alcoholics drink and why are they not aware of their destructive energy? You will learn what alcoholism does to the liver, the immune system, the kidneys and more. Did you know that alcohol travels to the front section of the brain and can affect our decision making. Lisa gives you many ways to stop drinking before it is too late. Many resources have a spirituality component and an encouraging support group. Support groups provide a solution. Lisa Boucher and host Carol discuss the effect of mindfulness, self love and the willingness to triumph!


Gender Identity, “I Look Different than I Feel”- Dr. Carla Marie Manly

Dr.Carla Marie Manly is a clinical psychologist integrating psychotherapy with mindfulness practices. Dr. Manly specializes in anxiety, physical intimacy, relationship issues, depression, and gender identity. She is the author of Joy from Fear and Aging Joyfully. Dr. Carla Marie Manly believes in this quote , “hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny“.

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What is the true meaning of gender identity? Did you know that gender identity could arise early at birth? It could be a combination of DNA or a specific incident at early childhood. Did you know that the comfort level may not always be surgery? What are the other options for this very sensitive and soul searching topic? Why is the support system so crucial for the individual? How are transgenders sometimes treated in medical offices? Dr. Manly discusses with host Carol how important it is for the person to feel that they are in a safe and non judgmental space when they are in her office. She allows the person to explore their gender identity and gives the patient other options other than surgery. What traits are needed for the total commitment to become transgender? Dr. Carla Marie Manly approaches this topic in a very sensitive and human way, recognizing the total human being.

Aroma Therapy, Healing and The Fulfillment of Your Soul’s Journey – Cathy Skipper

Cathy Skipper trained in France as an herbalist and an aromatherapist. Cathy works with plants intuitively and helps others to reconnect with nature. Both Cathy Skipper and her husband, Dr. Florian Birkmayer holistic psychiatrist work with aromas for transforming the entire psyche of the whole person accessing the unconscious mind to fulfill.the soul’s journey. They both facilitate workshops and consultations worldwide on their online school using aromatics. Cathy is the author of The Alchemy of Menopause.

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What can aromatic molecules do to our total well being? Can aromatherapy enhance our soul's journey? Is nature conscious or intelligent? Cathy Skipper and her husband Dr. Florian Birkmayer, holistic psychiatrist guide patients with certain aromas to move forward in their life. Cathy discusses Carl Jung, the shadow, and his concept of the anatomy of the psyche. Cathy Skipper talks about the mother line and how the ancestor line has an influence on oneself. She discusses the knots in the body and the essential oils that can help heal the total person.. Cathy and her husband purchase the oils in France and India and are very aware of the entire processing of the oils from the beginning to the end. They want the highest vibration of an oil so that it works effectively for the healing process. A sacred bond is created between the oils and the unconscious mind. Cathy Skipper also discusses with host Carol the importance of our dreams and that mugwort can help us understand the symbols of the dream world. This show is about how nature, the spirit of life, the plants, the oils are important elements in the healing of the unconscious mind. This process will tap into the depth of our soul and we will freely travel our lives with the essence of who we truly are.

Procrastination and Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression – Terry Earthwind Nichols

Terry Earthwind Nichols is an evolutionary healer and founder of the repetitive behavior cellular regression. RBCR has practitioners in 14 countries. Terry is the ambassador at United Refugee Council and an international speaker. He is the creator of the Vision Strategy Roadmap and author of the book, Teachings from the Fire.

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What is procrastination? How many of us have tried to accomplish a task and have continuously felt a road block? What prevents us to succeed? And is it repetitive? Where does procrastination emanate from? Does fear play into it? Does fear last longer than joy? And why? Do you continuously make a New Year's resolution and somehow forget what it was? Our guest Terry Earthwind Nichols discusses how we can change our repetitive behavior patterns without an emotional attachment. At what age does repetitive behavior start? How do our early childhood experiences affect us? Did you ever have an uncomfortable experience and where did it travel to? Terry discusses how his practitioners create a new neurological pathway, or the back door effect. Can we free our memory from our past painful experiences? Terry conveys to host Carol about a woman who was healed from her asthma with repetitive behavior cellular regression. Terry believes that procrastination is a learned experience and that we can neutralize the experience for the future.

Manifestation of Money, Intuition, Account: Unlimited Balance, Signed: The Universe , The Cotton Ball Theory – Joel Solomon

Joel Salomon is a prosperity coach helping people overcome their money obstacles. He is an award winning speaker and chartered financial analyst. Joel has appeared on TV with CEO Money and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Newsday, U.S.News and World Report and interviewed in Forbes Magazine and on Bloomberg radio. He is the author of the best selling book Mindful Management and 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use- the Unconventional Ones. Can intuition make you money?

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What does visualizing have to do with money? What can you be grateful for? What are the 9 money rules that millionaires use in an unconventional way? Joel discusses with host Carol how Wayne Dyer looked at money. How important is intuition with the goal of attaining money? Joel talks about the muscle of intuition. He discusses the belief system and how important it is for any goal in life. How can faith replace fear? How important is the law of attraction? Joel has a grateful journey and writes down every day 5 things to be grateful for. He believes gratitude helps him become wiser with money. What did Mike Dooley say about money? Did you know that there is scientific evidence that being happier helps with your immune system? One philosophy Is that life is an adventure, just experiences. Joel thinks that money is energy. He believes that intuition has helped him tremendously when he was manager of his hedge fund. He believes that money is meant to be shared such as with a charity of your choice. How can you visualize making money? Did you know that we have 60,000 thoughts per day and that 30,000 of them are negative? Imagine if they were all positive. Wayne Dyer talked about elevating the vibration on an emotional level with money. Does money make you happy or does happiness make you money? What are Joel's happy habits? What is your belief system with money? Do you meditate or read inspirational quotations all for the betterment of the integration of your mind with your heart. Did you ever realize that intuition has power with the manifestation of money? Listen to Joel Salomon discuss the spiritual aspect of the manifestation of money. He will open doors for you and his money wisdom will inspire you to overcome your money obstacles and go forward with your new money journey.

Light Language Energy Healing and a Powerful Light Language Energy Meditation – Charyl Özkaya

Charyl Özkaya is the founder of the Inner Healing Arts Center. Charyl is a practitioner in many modalities including breath work, EFT tapping, reiki, akashic record readings, and light language energy healing. At the end of the show, she will do a light language transmission meditation to breathe in the light and expand the heart.

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What is light language energy healing? The guest tells host Carol that light language is an expression from the Divine. It can be angelic, galactic, elemental, ancestral or more. It transmits healing energy, coded information and vibrational activations. She believes that light language energy healing increases ones frequencies and creates a higher vibration for healing. Some of the affects are clarity of the mind, the clearing of old patterns, raising our overall energy level, a sense of peacefulness, and a state of lightness. Charyl believes that sound healing is a natural process and originated from the earliest of times. The more we raise our vibrations, the more the potential of healing our past wounds. This is one of the purposes of light language energy. The more we connect to the "other side", the more that energy can help us heal because it emanates from a higher source. The words in her meditation are meant to bypass the mind. She starts with toning, deeper breathing, the attention is given to different parts of the body. Her words will not be understood which makes her meditation extremely interesting because the messages are traveling to her from entities from the "other side". Breathe in the light and expand the heart.

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Faith, Survivors, Resilience and Miracles – Dr. Edward T. Creagan

Dr. Edward T. Creagan is Professor of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, John and Roma, Professor of Humanism, Past President of Mayo Clinic Faculty,and Distinguished Mayo Clinician Award, Highest Honor.

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Dr. Creagan has a truly miraculous story of one of his patients who had been to the top 3 skin doctors of the world. This is a true miracle story and Dr. Creagan shares many more stories of patients who displayed such resilience that we can all learn from. Why did the symptoms disappear? You will be amazed.

What did this patient encounter in church? Dr. Edward T. Creagan speaks about the power of faith, the connection to a higher being, and the embrace of spirituality . He has seen many survivors and he conveys some of the secrets. What does the power of a relationship do for the patient? Dr. Creagan also believes that spirituality adds a dimension for healing. It gives a purpose and more of an understanding. What happens to the wellbeing of a caregiver? How is the immune system affected by aiding a patient each day? What is conjugal bereavement and what does it do to the other spouse? What does the 23rd psalm do for the suffering? What is robotic surgery? What is the new role of the physician? What has changed? Dr. Creagan discusses with host Carol the network of human beings, including the parking lot attendant that all contribute to the survival of a patient. This podcast supplies you with wonderful medical information, miracle healing stories all given to you by the human side of Dr. Edward T. Creagan.

The Healing Power of Mindfulness with a 3 Minute Mindfulness Meditation- Paul Sugar

Paul Sugar is the founder and director of the Scottsdale Institute for Health and Medicine Center for Mindfulness. Paul Sugar studied with Jon Kabat Zinn, creator of the mindfulness stress reduction program (MBSR). Paul has mentored people all over the world for over 25 years and has taught over 100 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction programs as well as mindfulness based cognition therapy. He also practices and teaches yoga, tai chi, and meditation for over 45 years.

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Would you like to be in the moment, paying attention to the moment with your purpose and with no judgement? Did you know that there are over 2000 published studies validating the effectiveness of the mindfulness program? Who was Jon Kabat Zinn? What influenced the guest Paul Sugar to embrace mindfulness for his mission in life? Paul believes that mindfulness is the hub of the wheel with the different spokes representing areas of one's life. Can you disconnect from fight or flight? What does it do to your overall body? Did you know that mindfulness is used in schools, sports and prisons just to name a few. There is so much validated information about the effectiveness of mindfulness. It's The Matter of the Heart with Paul Sugar, founder and director of the Scottsdale Institute for Health and Medicine for Mindfulness with host Carol Olivia Adams There is a powerful 3 minute mindfulness meditation at the end of the program!

The Power of Vortex Healing, Divine Magic – Simon Deacon, Transformational Healer

Simon Deacon is certified in the 2 most powerful vortex healing techniques, MI manifesting intention and Merlins Grace. Simon’s other certifications in vortex healing are multi frequency, life form, genetics multi frequency device, karmic bodies, jewel, quantum gate and quantum level and angelic levels.

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What does healing mean to you? Is it only body, mind and spirit? What is the source of vortex healing? What is accelerated healing? How does the divine healing come through Simon? Do you think that you can change your belief system? Are you conscious of your negative patterns? What is avatar? Simon Deacon discusses with host Carol the divine expression of love. What is magical divine consciousness? Who was the founder of vortex healing? What are karma knots Can we be free from the past? Simon believes that our soul is continually evolving. Simon coveys to us an interesting romance story where the woman had emotional blocks for transforming her image for a new partner. Vortex healing does not stop after a client leaves the office. The healing continues and is permanent. Do you have a birth right for abundance and transformation. Simon believes that you do and believes that vortex haling is a true blessing of divine magic.

Indigenous Cultures, Bali, Australia, Chile and more – Cultures that Connect from the Heart – Dr. Bonnie McLean

Dr. Bonnie McLean was awarded the top International Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in 2019, IAOTP. Dr.McLean also integrates in her oriental medicine and acupuncture practice cupping, hypnosis, guided imagery, shamanic and energy healings. She is the author of Integrative Medicine, The Return of the Soul to Healthcare.

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Have you ever visited an indigenous culture? Why do the people of these countries connect more from the heart than people living in industrialized countries? Why do they connect more to Mother Earth? How do the people in Bali live their spiritual lives?

What prompted the guest Dr. Bonnie McLean to visit indigenous cultures? Why did she feel that they healed her more than psychotherapists? Why do people change after they return from Bali? What do people in Bali use in their ceremonies? Why do they wear colored clothes? Are they telepathic? Why are volcanoes sacred? Who was Philippine psychic surgeon Alex Orbito? Where are some of the power points in the world? Is Mt. Shasta , Stonehenge or Sedona some of them? What happens to our body? What lifestyle do the Aboriginal people live? Why do they always stare and are they always connecting to the spirit world on the earth plane? Did you ever hear of acupuncture with sharp sticks? What does Alberto Villoldo believe? Dr. Bonnie McLean has so many heartfelt stories about the people in the indigenous countries that she had visited. There is such health wisdom that you will want to listen to the show again and again.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, Known Worldwide for His Wisdom on Health, Inspiring Stories, and Happiness

Dr. Bernie Siegel, retired surgeon and author of the worldwide best selling book, Love, Medicine & Miracles and other best selling books, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, How to Live Between Office Visits and so much more on is the guest on The Matter of the Heart.

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Does life ever end? Is there a beginning or is there an end? Or is life a circle that continuously moves forward? Bernie discusses this as his many inspiring stories of his patients that triumphed over all obstacles. Why did Johnnie the gardener want to keep his landscaping business despite his challenging disease? How did he survive and how can we learn from him? Why did Johnnie want to keep the world beautiful despite all odds?

What was the experience of Bernie when he was 3 years old? Why does he believe that we all have the consciousness of another person? What does that consciousness do to our present being? How did Bernie decide to become a surgeon? What was the symbol of the sword? Dr. Siegel believes that there are no consequences. He will tell you so many fascinating stories that only Bernie knows how to tell!

What are the words from the song "all my life is a circle" by Harry Chapin? Dr. Siegel quotes Carl Jung who said that our future is prepared long in advance. Bernie talks about his patients and how they revealed their feelings with their drawings. What can we learn from a placebo effect? What is self induced healing or spontaneous remission? What happens to our immune system and our stress levels when we engage with humor? What happens to our health when we engage with our authentic self? Why is it so important to do what makes you happy? How did Helen Keller adapt to her life with such strength and wisdom? Is laughter a spiritual medication? Bernie tells host Carol about studies in Australia and how a plant would help a patient in a nursing home live longer when they would take care of it! Dr. Bernie Siegel has such health wisdom, knowledge and common sense. He is worldwide for his infinite knowledge on medicine and his medical stories that will lift your spirits.

Empathy, What Does Empathy Mean To You and the Empath Continuum – Dr. Wanda Buckner

Dr. Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services, Pet and People Communicator, Energy Healer, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki Healer, and Medium, Mediumship for Pets and People will discuss empathy, her life’s stories and the empath continuum.

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What does empathy mean to you? Are you touched when someone shows you empathy? Would you like to embrace empathy more in you life? What is the difference between empathy and compassion?

Dr. Buckner tells host Carol that empathy is when someone sympathizes with your situation. There are so many humanistic stories that she conveys in The Matter of the Heart which we can all identify with. How does kindness affect you when it is given to you from a stranger? Does it open your heart at that moment? Wanda talks about Star Trek and gives us examples of empathy in the film . How did Gem heal those in Star Trek? What role did Captain Kirk play into this? How did the author Firestone contribute with empathy? How does it affect you if your friend does not respond to you when you are in a life challenging situation? Does it sever the friendship? What is the difference between a person who speaks from the heart and a person that speaks from the mind? Can they both show empathy? Is compassion different from empathy? Does a good healer have to have empathy? Do we need to set barriers with the concept of empathy? Can people develop empathy? Is it a natural quality within ourselves? Can we feel more if we place ourselves in someone else's pain? What did Siddhartha learn when he embraced the struggles of mankind? How can we learn to have balance with empathy?

Dr. C. Norman Shealy , Pioneer Physician in Holistic Pain – Happiness Is An Inside Job

Dr.C. Norman Shealy is the first physician to specialize in the resolution of back pain via holistic management as well as deep anxiety, and chronic depression. His neurosurgeon training included Duke University, Mass. General and Washington University. Dr. Shealy is a keynote speaker in national and international conferences. He is the president of Shealy Sorin Wellness Center and Holos Energy Medicine education. Some of Dr. Norman Shealy’s contributions to mankind are the invention of the TENS machine, cranial electrical stimulator, acknowledging medical intuition, the founder of the American Holistic Association, Co-founder with Caroline Myss the American Board for Scientific Medical Intuition. He appeared on national TV including The Morning Show, Oprah, Geraldo, Good Morning, The Today Show and many more. He has 14 patents in energy medicine and has published 36 books. His next book will be Conversations with G- A Physician’s Guide to Heaven.

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Did you know that 99% of people who die of heart attack and cancer have lifelong depression or anger? What does happiness mean to you? Dr. Shealy tells us that the average American lives to be 79 years, but that we are genetically programmed to live to 100. He outlines 5 tips for living a long life. Some of them are exercise and the amount of time to sleep. Dr. Shealy gives you tips on how to change the result of a negative experience. He talks about self hypnosis, the hypothalamus and the self regulation of the training of the brain. How do we get out of deep anxiety or depression? What is his concept of God? How does faith play into this? Why do people in the south western part of Italy live a long life? How can we check free radicals in our body? What does the electrical stimulator do to our spinal cord? How can the TENS machine relieve your pain? Dr. Norman Shealy guides his patients to their past life experiences. He feels that we become freer after we deal with our past lives. What is Dr. Norman Shealy's wisdom on health? There is so much valuable information on health from the Master Doctor, Dr. Norman Shealy. His biography and his contributions to mankind are monumental!

2020 Predictions and the Capricorn Grand Conjunction – Antot Masuka, Astrologer

Antot Masuka, Western Astrologer, Horary Astrologer, Astrocartographer, Earthquake Predictor, and a frequent guest speaker at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in New York City will give you his predictions for the year 2020 and the Capricorn Grand Conjunction.

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What does the grand or great Capricorn conjunction mean? Do you realize that this has not happened in the past 5000 years? Here is a quote from our guest "astrology brings heaven down to earth for all to see and understand. It is the language of the gods and the soul of the universe". Antot discusses in depth with host Carol the planets that will be in conjunction or aligned with each other. You will learn what this means to you, mankind and to the universe. What is the significance of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter aligned with each other? What happens to their energies? When will this occur in January? What about Mercury, the Sun and the South node? What are the meanings of each planet and when will the Capricorn grand conjunction occur? When will the eclipses occur in 2020? Is your south node a reflection of your past life? Why are there more challenges in the north node and what is yours? The grand conjunction is in Capricorn and what does that mean to you if your sun sign is in libra? How important is it to know where your sign is in the house of your natal chart?

What happened in 1930 in the cosmos? Did you know that Pluto was retrograde and caused much negativity in the cosmos such as the atomic bomb, Mussolini, and Hitler? 2020 will be different because Pluto is working with or aligning itself with Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun. It will be for the goodness of mankind and the individual. Chances are that there will be a lot of deep inner transformation on a global scale all for the betterment of mankind because of the conjunction in Capricorn. What may happen to the physical parts of each sign? What will happen to the 3 earth signs? Where was Pluto when Obama and Trump became president of the United States? The speed of Pluto will work with other planets to create a better world, and the transformation of the individual.. The Capricorn conjunction could raise the consciousness of mankind and Antot will tell you why as well as much more information. You will want to listen to this podcast several times.

Dr. Florian Birkmayer – Holistic Psychiatrist – Aromatherapy for Healing Your Mind, Emotions and Soul

How many of you listeners have heard of a holistic psychiatrist? Dr. Florian Birkmayer was a conventional psychiatrist and became disenchanted with the profession. He then embraced his new profession, holistic psychiatry. Dr. Birkmayer is a wounded healer, ceremonialist teacher, an EAT therapist and works with the aromas of essential oils transforming the entire psyche, including body, mind and spirit.

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Did any of you ever hear of a holistic psychiatrist? Did you ever think that the aroma of an essential oil can help the healing process such as a past trauma? Can the scent of an essential oil bypass the intellect for the process of healing? Can the aroma communicate with the unconscious? What was the stimuli that propelled Dr. Birkmayer to change his conventional psychiatry profession and become a holistic psychiatrist? He discusses with host Carol why he was tired of prescribing medication to his patients with no real results with their behavior. What is DSM? What is the meaning of a statistical doctor? What are some of his healing stories and how does the soul play into the healing process? Do we really know about the unconscious mind? Can the aromas of essential oils tap into past traumas. Dr. Birkmayer believes that most major illnesses stem from traumas. He also speaks of St. Francis and Buddhism. What is the collective unconscious? How important is our sense of smell? Do you know that smell travels straight to the brain? What is the nature of plants? Are they more competitive or more communal with each other? He also talks about Marcel Proust. How do we tap into the messages of our psyche? Did you know that the ego is afraid of the unconscious? How is spirit affected by a scent? How does Carl Jung play into this? Dr. Florian Birkmayer has a strong passion for aromatherapy for the healing process. He became disillusioned with the concept of prescribing medication with little results. This podcast on The Matter of the Heart will give you much to think about, even reflect on someone who has been seeing a conventional psychiatrist for years.

Dr. Carly Manly – Clinical Psychologist, Letting Go of Old Resentments And How To Be Free From Hurt

Dr.Carla Manly is a clinical psychologist integrating mindfulness practices in her profession. Dr. Manly specializes in treatment of anxiety, gender identity, family issues, depression, physical intimacy, and more. She is also the author of Joy from Fear and Aging Joyfully.

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What is old resentment? Did someone ever hurt you and this feeling stayed with you over years? Can this hurt be totally healed or can it be eased? What happens if that person hasn't evolved and you still have to see them again such as at "family" gatherings? Did you ever think that the person will hurt you again? What do you do about it? Can you protect yourself and feel internally safe? If that person hurts you, should you be true to yourself and speak up. What if that person doesn't respond to you without an apology? Dr. Carla Manly discusses with host Carol the ways to protect yourself when that other person is not emotionally mature. How about a bubble around you so that no one can invade your heart or invisible armor? Carol mentioned that we need to shift the energy from the heart chakra to the mind. When we do that, we can look at that person objectively without getting involved with any emotional entanglement. What are your boundaries? Do you alienate or are you very sensitive at the time? What about the level of sensitivity of the person? Do you cover up resentment? Was that other person toxic on purpose or were they thoughtless at the time? Is this all about self empowerment? Is this all about speaking your truth as Dr. Bernie Siegel has mentioned on some of the shows with host Carol. This podcast will give you much to think and feel about, to get to the root of the resentment and how to navigate an old resentment.

Laurelle Rethke Stone Medicine Woman, Color of Gemstones, Chakras and Crystal Healing

Laurelle Rethke, Stone Medicine Woman, vibrational healing therapist, spiritual alchemist, certified master of crystology, certified master of essential oils, certified in Barbara Brennan Hands of Light and Healing and Astrology will discuss with host Carol color of gemstones, chakras, and crystal healing.

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Have you ever been drawn to a crystal or have you ever not be drawn to a crystal? What does the energy or vibration of a gemstone or crystal do for you? Do you feel its healing energy or are attracted to its appearance? How can you recharge a gemstone? Did you know that each chakra has a healing gemstone? Laurelle believes that there are 9 chakras rather than 7. She calls the chakra system the rainbow bridge to our consciousness. Did you know that a red gemstone coincides with our root chakra and that the crown chakra coincides with the color violet? What are the earth chakras? Did you know that they are 6-8" below the feet? What do we look for when we purchase a crystal? How do you receive the highest vibration or frequency of a gemstone? Do you meditate with a gemstone, or do you wear gemstone jewelry? Laurelle Rethke of believes that the best way to receive its healing power is by placing a gemstone on your body. She feels that you should buy a stone that feels right for you. Your eyes, your visual stimuli will lead the way. How does a red stone help to heal the heart? What does blue calcite do? What is an "actor" stone used for? What is the best way to cleanse a stone? Is it quartz cluster, sage, or selenite? What length of time is needed to cleanse a stone? Laurelle Rethke uses 250 stones in her practice for clients. She has 1000's in her office. What is fluorite or tourmaline used for? Laurelle feels that the stone will speak to you. Your intuition will know what to purchase and how long the stone will be needed as we go through different cycles of our lives.

Laurelle Rethke, Stone Medicine Woman will give you so much information on the beauty and healing properties of gemstones and crystals.

Dr. Bernie Siegel – Retired Surgeon and Author of the World Wide Bestselling Book – Love, Medicine & Miracles – The Power of Words

Dr.Bernie Siegel, retired surgeon and author of the world wide best selling book – Love, Medicine & Miracles and other best selling books 355 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, How to Live Between Office Visits and so much more on will discuss with host Carol the power of words.

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Did you ever think that words have power? Can a kind word from a friend elevate ones spirit? How can humor shift your mindset so that you will look at your life differently? How can a doctor nurture you with positive and encouraging words when you are in a health crisis? Does the word hope come from a doctor comforting you in a life challenging illness rather than the doctor addressing you as a statistic? What are surgeons trained to do? Are they trained to listen to your story? Did you know that the diagnosis of a patient helps the doctor and not the patient? Bernie tells us that doctors need to treat a person, not the statistic. He believes that doctors need to teach patients how to live. Why are the words of a physician so important for the healing process of a patient?

What is spontaneous remission? Did you know that some of Bernie" patients are his teachers? How does the power of words affect your immune system? How can your immune system get better? What are some of the influences? Bernie thinks that we are all mortal. How did Louise Hay contribute to the power of words with Bernie? How is our immune system affected when we help other people? What words are so valuable for healing? Listen to Bernie's words as he receives messages from God. What is Bernie's concept of God? Why does Dr. Siegel think that life is a cycle, a continuum? What did Helen Keller teach us about living life to its fullest? What happened in the concentration camps with some of the survivors? What was their greatest asset to survive? Can hope transform healing? What did Nietzsche and Maimonides have to say about healing? Bernie talks about immortality. Dr. Bernie Siegel is so well known worldwide for his wisdom on health. His stories will fascinate you, nurture your soul, and give you such hope and inspiration for a loving future. I am enthralled with Bernie's endless mission to serve mankind with his loving heart.

Dr. Bernie Siegel -Laughter For Your Immune System

The Matter of the Heart – Dr. Bernie Siegel Retired Surgeon, One of His Many Medical Accomplishments was His Introduction of ECP Exceptional Cancer Patients. Bernie is the Author of the Worldwide Best Selling Book, Love, Medicine & Miracles. Other best selling books are 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, How to Live Between Office Visits and many many more on – Laughter and Your Immune System, Lifting An Existing Burden, The Power of Laughter

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Does laughter create self empowerment? How can it shift a burden into neutral gear? Will it give you a sense of freedom? Is laughter a spiritual, emotional and physical medication for the soul? How does Bernie use his humor to engage other people in his favorite supermarket? Listen to Bernie's funny stories that he used with his patients in the operating room. Why do people bond when someone laughs and each one follows? What does it do to the spirit of everyone? Does it become more of a family? Bernie believes that you cannot be afraid when you engage with laughter. Why did he blow up the operating gloves in the operating room to create an animal? How can laughter change the body chemistry? What happens to the immune system and the stress levels? Bernie believes that the mind can change the body's immune system. Laughter can neutralize a situation. Bernie loves the quote, "He who laughs, lasts." What did the study in Sweden reveal? Did you ever think of wearing crazy clothing? Dr. Siegel has so many enlightening stories from his distinguished medical career. Bernie feels that he is the television screen and his angel decides which words will flow. He tells host Carol Olivia a quote that he loves, " open your heart and magic happens."

This is a fascinating podcast on the magic and power of laughter on The Matter of the Heart podcast. You will be amazed at Bernie's stories!

Dr. Edward T. Creagan, Professor and Oncology Doctor at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Minnesota

The Matter of the Heart – Dr.Edward T. Creagan, Professor and Oncology Doctor at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Minnesota. He was the Past President of the Mayo Clinic Faculty. Dr. Creagan has written approximately 80 medical publications ranging from malignant melanoma in the 21st Century to schizophrenia. He is the author of Farewell – Vital End of Life Questions with Candid Answers from a Leading Palliative and Hospice PhysicianPerseverance and Tenacity – How to Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually Go Forward Despite Any Setback or Limitation

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Dr. Creagan discusses with host Carol Olivia, J.K. Rowlings the author of the Harry Potter series and how she kept on persevering. Did you know that 19 publishers dismissed her manuscript? Did you know that she was destitute and a single mom writing in pubs or in her car? 

She is now the wealthiest woman in the Untied Kingdom. What qualities does it take to persevere? Do we all have it in us? Dr. Creagan believes we all have the ability. Is it an inner faith or something else? What were the Beatles told in the 1960"s about having a guitar in a band ? What were the Rolling Stones told or Walt Disney? Dr. Creagan believes that no one should ever put a limitation on anyone else. He believes that our tenacity will appear when we are challenged. He believes that a life challenging dis-ease can become a lighter burden when we have some type of partnership including a pet. He calls it a family or tribe. Dr. Creagan discusses how a strong belief system influences our immune system. How does cortisol play into this? How can kindness help the persevering process? How does loving each step that we take enhance the persevering process? Listen to his stories from his patients that did not follow the rules. How do you persevere with an illness when many physicians are stuck with the electronic crisis? What should you look for in a physician? You will learn to feel more empowered by being in charge of your health. How does a belief in the Higher Power enhance our tenacity? How do pets enhance our tenacity to live? Animals have no masks and can enliven our strength. Listen to The Matter of the Heart podcast and learn how to embrace more tenacity and perseverance with guest Dr. Edward T. Creagan and host Carol Olivia.

Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly – How Can Animals Teach us to Build a Better World

The Matter of the Heart – Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly Vegan and Intuitive Veterinarian completed internships in Cornell University, Tuffs and Ohio State., Animal Promoter of Intuitive Medicine for the Mind, Body, and Soul – How Can Animals Teach Us to Build a Better World.

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Dr. Connolly has helped over 10,000 families find peace and closure in regard to their pets illness and passing. Her life's purpose is to inspire animals and humans to live in balance. How is the animal kingdom aligned with the balance of nature? What traits can we humans learn from animals? How can they teach us to be more in balance with ourselves? Can they teach us to build a better world? Do they have compassion for one another? Do animals connect to their hearts much more than humans and why is that? Can the heart of animals be compared to the hearts of children? Listen to Dr. Connolly discuss this with host Carol Olivia and why it is so important to attain our mission in life. Do animals connect more to the simplicity of life than humans? Are they more in the present and why do they have less worries? Dr. Connolly believes that animals are more honest and direct than human beings. Why is intuition so monumental in the animal world? How can we learn from this? Did you know that your cat or dog can pick up on your personality and integrate your trait with theirs? What qualities can we learn from an animal? Is the element of physical movement essential to follow? Did you know that wild animals have no obesity issues? Listen to what Vegan Veterinarian Dr. Connolly says about this. Why are animals sustainable with their food? What can we learn from this? Can we become more balanced with ourselves? What can we learn from the earthworm, squirrel or lion? Why is the cheetah the fastest moving animal? Is the cheetah a predator or a prey? What can we learn from the patience of the turtle or the communal nature of an ant? Did you know that animals have an amazing will to live despite all odds? What can we learn from their resilience? And why are animals so loving in nature? Listen to this podcast, learn about the animal kingdom, learn how to adapt some of their wisdom to your life. You will learn about their natural world.

Dr. Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services, Pet and People Communicator, Energy Healer, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki Healer and Medium – Mediumship for Pets and People

Dr. Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services, Pet and People Communicator, Energy Healer, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki Healer and Medium – Mediumship for Pets and People.

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Communicating to the spirit of a deceased person has a lot of historical validation. Cave paintings by indigenous Australians date back 28,000 years. Some other cultures where spirits were painted in caves were in Indonesia, the Native Americans culture, and paintings of the after life were seen in the pyramids. Mediumship gained popularity during the nineteenth century where the upper classes used mediumship as a source of entertainment such as the Ouija board. What is a medium? How does a medium communicate to a deceased person or pet? What type of energy is needed and can anyone do it? Why does a spirit visit us? What is a spirit level? What are some of the issues of a spirit passing and why is a medium so important for the loved one in the present time? Is one issue resolving an unresolved issue? What happens to the spirit of a suicide person? Is the energy of a spirit continuous or does it ever end?

Wanda discusses with Carol Olivia the many stories from her clients that will give you a much better understanding of the spirit world. Wanda believes that the body is a very small component compared to the spirit within us. How are babies and animals connected to spirit? Wanda picks up the loving energy from the deceased person or pet. She believes that some of us will go through a golden tunnel and other spirits may float for awhile. Wanda believes that spirits embraced their past mission with a better understanding. What can we learn from the spirits through mediumship? How can we learn to live a healthier life style? How can we brush off any energy that is not conducive for the well being of our spirit? Spirits have told Wanda that we need to look at the larger picture of our lives. Embrace the larger picture on your journey.

Kelly Carlin – daughter of George Carlin – Synchronicity and Kelly’s Mission

The Matter of the Heart – Kelly Carlin – daughter of George Carlin, screenwriter, actress, radio host, producer, author of “A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up With George – Kelly’s Creative Journey. Her Home Life with the late George Carlin, Synchronicity and Kelly’s Mission.

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How did Kelly Carlin embrace her creativity? Was it manifested from her home or her heart? How much was it shaped by her father George Carlin, the obstacles, the difficulties, the joys and the privileges. Kelly discusses with Carol Olivia why she felt the burden of perfection, and what was the shadow of her father? Did Kelly feel intimidated by her father's financial success and how did it affect her psyche? Kelly discusses her excessive drive for perfection. living up to the image of her father George Carlin. When was Kelly's spiritual awakening and how did her life turn around? When did she find her true identity, free of self doubts and how did she gain her confidence in the world? What messages did Kelly receive at her mother's memorial? Was love the monumental truth spoken and how did she learn to nurture herself? What is her calling now, her greatest mission? George Carlin and his passed wife both believed in synchronicity. Kelly also believes in signposts and gives us stories that comforted her life. Kelly passionately believes that women need to balance the feminine and the masculine. She also talks about the process of unmasking our roles. Why does kindness, compassion and empathy play such an important role with the process of unmasking ourselves? Kelly is the founder of Women on the Verge coaching program which helps women find their lost thread and live the life that they have always imagined. Kelly McCall Carlin has a mission to serve mankind and her story is on The Matter of the Heart podcast.

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Jessica and Megan Schmidt – Founders of Happy Holistic, Jessica and Megan are Angelic Healers and Reiki Masters

Jessica is an artist specializing in spiritual art and also a psychic intuitive and Megan is the voice of the art, psychic medium – Spiritual Art and its Application with Mediumship, Halos, Auras, Spirit Guides and More!

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What is spiritual art? When did it exist? Why is the color purple a different meaning to different people? Can an aura be seen or is it a mysterious feeling? What is the temperature scale of a color? Why does Jessica use a black canvas for chalk pastels? She discusses with Carol Olivia the psychic herbs that are placed in the chalk pastel box. What is the purpose of rice in the box? What are the symbols of wormwood and patchouli? Can we see angels? What are some of the healing qualities of some of the archangels? What is the meaning of an owl? Megan receives the messages while Jessica paints the messages on the canvas. Engage with the artistic process as Jessica paints with her chalk pastels and Megan uses her mediumship connecting the owl with host Carol Olivia. Sometimes Megan will see an image around the person such as a past soul. Jessica and Megan connect to angels with each session. What is the importance of colors? How can a color heal? They will share some of their stories and the messages they received with some of their clients. You will learn so much about spiritual art, a very old art form. What did the halos represent? Does spiritual art emanate from the conscious or unconscious mind?

Dr. Bernie Siegel – Retired Surgeon and Best Known for His Worldwide Best Selling Book, Love, Medicine & Miracles – Pennies Are From Heaven

Dr. Bernie Siegel author of his best selling book, Love, Medicine & Miracles, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, The Art of Healing and so many more are on Bernie’s website

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Listen to Bernie's engaging stories of pennies and why he believes in the metaphysical world. Bernie discusses with Carol so many of his different experiences with pennies. Do you believe that the other side can communicate to us via pennies and if so how do they get there? What was the force? Bernie conveys to the listener the appearance of pennies in his home, outside his home and in the hospital. He believes that his deceased wife mysteriously communicates to him with pennies. Why did his friendship ring disappear? What is the symbol of a penny? What is the spiritual value of a penny on the other side. Dr. Siegel believes that there are no coincidences in life, that there is a reason for every season. Bernie believes in mediumship and contacted a medium to speak to his wife on the other side. Did you know that there is no "time" on the other side. It is a different sensation. Did you ever realize that there is no time when you create or are involved with your passion. The element of creativity exists, but not time. Therefore, there is no aging process with creativity. What was the significance of the butterfly in Bernie's house and why wouldn't it leave? Why did the butterfly stay on top of peoples heads in a workshop given by Bernie in Hawaii? Was the butterfly giving a message like the presence of a penny? Why is there an order of colors in a rainbow? Does it symbolize balance of life and what can we learn from it? What can we learn from nature? Bernie always says to quiet the mind to connect to your inner voice. Pennies are from heaven reminds us that there is a mysterious world that we may never fully understand. The more we quiet our mind, the more we will respect the mystery of life and respect its natural wisdom.

Dr. Edward Creagan Mayo Clinic and Author of Farewell – Questions with Candid Answers from a Hospice Physician – Pearls of Wisdom for Living

Dr. Edward Creagan has collected 40,000 narratives from patients in hospice. He will enlighten you to the human values of life that all of the patients echoed to him at their bedside. We will learn how to look at the positive aspects of his patients and how we can value our lives to a much greater degree.

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Did you know that hospice originated from the Crusade period? Why did the pilgrims travel to the Middle East at that time? How and why did the concept of hospice expand in the 1960's by the British? Who was Cicely Saunders? What was her concept of dis-ease? What is the MRI of the soul? Cicely treated the emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient rather than the physical. Are you satisfied with the electronic record that your physician looks at? Would you prefer that he or she studies the story of your life more than the physical condition? What are some of Dr. Creagan's stories with his patients?

Listen as he tells host Carol Olivia about one patient who invented the pizza cutter. Listen as he tells host Carol Olivia about a patient physicist who designed the atom bomb. Did you know that hospice is not necessarily the end? There are many patients who survive without any medical explanation. You will learn why and how. What were the continuing human themes in some of the patients? What kind of regrets, loss, or if only I would have theme ? What is our lesson for the present? Did you know that touch is very powerful for the patient? What about kindness for healing? Why do all patients connect to a Higher Power in hospice? What happens to the muscles? Do you believe that the spirit is the strongest force in our immune system? How about our attitude and disposition? This podcast of The Matter of the Heart will enlighten you to life, the fragility of life, to engage with it at the moment and to stay focused on your goals with gratitude in your heart!

Hollywood Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist and Internationally Known Expert – Kevin Stone – Hypnotism

Kevin Stone has hypnotized 1000’s of people all over the world and has many CD’s on different areas of life for healing. What is hypnosis and what is hypnotherapy?

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Did you know that hypnosis originated in the 1700's by the Greek and Egyptian civilizations? The sick would go to "sleep or dream temples" to be healed. They felt that they were healed with the method of hypnosis. Later the Kings and Queens were known to behold the power and it was called the Royal Touch. What does the "power of the words" mean? Is it just words? How is the power of words directed? Did Obama deliver his speeches with the NLP technique? Kevin Stone discusses with host Carol Olivia the type of behavior that is involved with hypnotism. He believes that all behavior is learned. How does he tap into the subconscious mind? Do you know that the conscious mind uses 12% of the brain's capacity? How much of the unconscious mind do we use? What does it mean that we allow the power of suggestion to take into effect? Can a person who is resistant to hypnosis become hypnotised? What is self hypnosis? Is is wise to listen to positive words before going to sleep and what can negative words do to our conscious or subconscious mind before we go to sleep?

Can hypnosis be used for the opioid addict? Can you stop smoking, stop drinking, limit your stress and so much more? The Hollywood Hypnotist believes that a good hypnotist needs a healthy heart to truly connect to the heart of the client. And that a good therapist guides the patient to heal themselves. How does hypnosis balance the client with Kevin's techniques? Listen to his story of how a patient relieved her shoulder pain over the years with Kevin's hypnosis. He believes that what you think you become. He discusses with host Carol Olivia that the messages that he receives emanate from his heart to enhance the soul and to elevate the spirit.

Joshua Schmude – Author and Publisher –Reverse Speech in Theory and Practice: How to Use Your Unconscious Mind to Predict the Outcome of Future Events

How does the unconscious mind affect our daily routine? What are the three layers of our mind? Where are our memories stored? What is the collective unconsciousness?

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Who was Carl Jung and why did he detach himself from Sigmund Freud? Which road did Carl Jung follow and why was he so passionate about the metaphysical world? Do you follow synchronicity? Do you know what it means and how can we learn to follow the signs so that we continue on our mission without distractions? How important are your dreams and can they predict an upcoming event? Carl Jung received many messages from his dreams that created his theory on consciousness? Who was David Oates and what did he mean by reverse speech?

Is it possible that we can get messages from reverse speech? How important is our tone and inflection of our words? Is there a deeper meaning to reverse speech? Did you know that Abraham Lincoln predicted his assassination two weeks before he was killed in a dream? What is the meaning of archetypes? What was the Mystery School? Do you believe that you have a God within you? Who was Apostle Paul and what was his spiritual transformation? Is it wise for you to keep a dream journal and what does a consistent dream reveal? Do you remember your dreams and do they emanate from your unconscious mind? Did you ever question the symbol of the mandala? Joshua Schmude has so much enriching information from Carl Jung to dreams to Abraham Lincoln to your mind.

Noelle Agape – TV Host of Infinite Wellness Show, Health and Wellness Counselor, Certified NLP, Certified Quantum Energy Medicine, International Speaker – Quantum Healing, Original Proponent Deepak Chopra

Who is Deepak Chopra? Did Deepak create quantum healing? How are our genes affected by our stress level and what do we need to do to balance ourselves? What is “quantum” and the quantum field?

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What are the benefits of living in a higher vibration and should this be our goal for good health? How does a higher vibration help our conscious mind, subconscious mind, and intuition? Do we have many souls and if so how do they affect our presence. Noelle discusses with Carol how to embrace our soul's mission. They talk about joy and how important it is for your fulfillment? Is it possible for the soul to expand? Did you ever think that fear can be a blessing? Can it be a motivator? What is formulated by the age seven? What age are our beliefs connected with our consciousness? What are some of the methods that are used to connect to the soul? Can dreams be a tool for a deeper understanding of ourselves? Noelle believes that love is the highest vibration for healing. Did you ever think that tribal societies might be more connected to their soul or mission of life? How does nature play into our healing?

Lisa Boucher – Author of the Award Winning Book – Raising the Bottom, Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture, Alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous

Lisa Boucher – Author of the Award Winning Book – Raising the Bottom, Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture , Alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous

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Lisa lived with her alcoholic mother for several years and this manifested her passion to write her book. She was also a registered nurse for 25 years and for the most part never saw a healthy approach for the treatment of alcoholics in hospitals. Most of the alcoholics were given consistent medication without a treatment for the cure. What are the signs of an alcoholic? Why do some have resistance for treatment? Carol explores the psychology of the patient with Lisa. What is a functional alcoholic? Why does Lisa believe that AA is the best form of treatment? What are some of the psychological reasons that contribute to an alcoholic?

Why is a person's self esteem so vital for recovery and how does Alcoholics Anonymous foster this with their group sessions? Is a group session a replacement from a genetic family, enhancing a bond and compassion for one another? Lisa reviews some of the steps starting from the alcoholics life which has become so unmanageable to the twelfth step believing in a higher power. According to Lisa, some methods for healing could be journal writing, taking note of any childhood trauma that occurred in the person's life. Loving energy in the program can be monumental for healing. Support also creates a sense of security and inner peace. This is a fascinating podcast of how a woman learned the hard way and then gave back to mankind!

Gina Griffiths Soul Reader, Aura Reader – Auras, Colors and Chakras

What is the meaning of an aura? What is Kirlian photography which originated in 1939? What are photographic plates and how are they used to create an image? Gina and Carol discuss so many aspects of auras and chakras.

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Do you have layers of colors in your aura that represent your past life overlay? What is the significance of the 7 chakras? Do you have a dominant color in your aura and how does it reveal your personality? Did you know that blue represents artistic communication? Did you know that white represents a connection to the Creator? Which color suggests that a person's energy has many blockages in order to move forward? Did you know that your foot also has an aura attachment? How does an aura exit? Rocks and plants have auras and have been seen with Kirlian photography. What are the dimensions of an aura and can we see an aura or feel one around a body? Is the chi energy our source connection? What does red, orange, blue, violet and green mean? And what parts of the body correlate with them? The auras of your body will change according to your mood! You will also learn how to detect your own aura.

Dr. Bernie Siegel – Patient, Doctor and Disease

Dr. Bernie Siegel is the author of the worldwide best selling book, Love, Medicine & Miracles, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, 101 Exercises for the Soul, Peace, Love and Healing and many more on

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How did Oprah on her television show "Oprah" tackle and validate a health issue with Bernie among the skeptical doctors on stage with Bernie? What happens to our consciousness after we depart from the earth plane? Where does someone's talent emanate from? How can a child play a piano at such a young age without much musical instruction? Did Vincent Van Gogh's artistic talent emanate from a past life? Is our creativity from our DNA or our consciousness from our past life? What does it mean when our spirit floats in the air? Bernie believes that we do not die, that our consciousness goes to another person. Why did Carl Jung believe that one should shave one's head?

What happens to our senses when we leave our body? How can doctors learn more about the treatment of patients? Why is the patient's story more important than the diagnosis? What is self induced healing? What does a loving childhood do to our immune system? What was Bernie's experience while working in a fast food restaurant? How did a group therapy session develop? Why does laughter create a bonding in a group? How does the power of words contribute to medication administration? Why can parenting classes be so helpful for the parent and the child? Can it create an equilibrium between the two? Bernie has so many special stories to validate his belief in past lives.

Andrea Alchemy – Founder of Ministry of Water, Water Intuitive, Creator of Water for Well Being Products – The Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Water

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Andrea believes that water is a gift from the Creator and calls water liquid gold.

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What is the high vibration of water? Is it considered food? How much water should one intake and is the amount different for many people? How can you tell if you should drink more? How should you drink water? Should you sip it all day or what other way? Should you drink water before a meal or during the meal? What can chapstick or something sticky on your lips do to your thirst for water? Does a headache indicate dehydration? What temperature should the water be at? How do different cultures drink water? Why do Asian countries drink hot water? Why do many European countries engage lemon in their water? Did you know that lemon is anti inflammatory? Andrea gives us so much valuable information about a food that we may take for granted.

She discusses with Carol that the first step to engage in the morning is to drink water with a lemon. Andrea tells Carol that lemon in water is more effective than Vitamin C. Andrea only uses glass bottles for the distribution of her water. Why is she against plastic and why is there an expiration date on plastic bottles and not glass? What is the significance of the number 131 with water? Do you ever bless the water? Is there any correlation between water and emotions? What is the rice and water experiment? What does it prove? Does water have a consciousness? Andrea is very passionate about the gift of water and her knowledge will amaze you. You just might sip your water differently!

Dr. Dora Wolfe – Clinical Psychologist, CEO and Clinical Director of Wolfe Behavioral Health With The Focus On Mood, Trauma, And Attachment – Death Row

Dr. Dora Wolfe – Clinical Psychologist, CEO and Clinical Director of Wolfe Behavioral Health with the focus on mood, trauma, and attachment – Death Row Dr. Wolfe integrates psychotherapy in her practice with specialized treatments such as eye movement and reprocessing, biofeedback, somatic processing, mindfulness and attachment therapy. She has practiced in hospitals, schools and the department of corrections. She believes that reliance on pharmaceuticals can cause more harm than good. “The power to prescribe is the power not to prescribe.” In The Matter of the Heart, Dr.Wolfe and Carol discuss death row and its many ramifications.

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The host delves into the framework of the prison system, the psychology of a death row inmate, the community of inmates or the adopted family inside the prison, rehabilitation, healing reflection of the inmates and how to sustain a sense of positivity and much more! What is the percentage of death row inmates that have not committed the crime that they are incarcerated for? What are some of the survival tools used to prevent suicide? Can the loving energy of a counselor or psychologist help death row inmates to honestly reflect on their lives? Some inmates deny their crime and some inmates accept their crime. What was the motivating factor that Dr. Wolfe had to counsel death row inmates. Did she have fear or curiosity? Dr. Dora Wolfe has so much valuable information, an insiders perspective of inmates on death row!

Sherry Anshara -Quantum Pathic Holistic Healer, International Medical Intuitive and Author of Take Back Your Power You Becoming You – Listening to Your Body and Listening to Your Inner Voice

Do you listen to the symptoms of your body? What are they telling you? Do you address the symptoms and do you take steps to heal the issue? Does it bother you if a friend does not listen to your words? Do you feel that they do not care for you by not giving you the attention at that moment? Has technology taken away the heart connection so that we are not able to listen to the voice of our friends heart? What is the difference between hearing and listening?

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If someone does not listen to us consistently, does that give us stress and what does it do to our immune system? Do you listen to the signs of the Creator, the synchronicity of events that speak with its mysterious and powerful way? Do the birds speak to you? Does your pet cat speak to you in its mysterious way? There is so much to learn about the power of listening. It fosters wisdom, perception of a human being, attentiveness with the voice of nature and understanding the ways of life. "Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven." Tagore

Dr. Bernie Siegel – Near Death Experiences & Past Lives

Dr. Bernie Siegel is a retired surgeon and author of the worldwide best selling book, Love, Medicine & Miracles, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, 101 Exercises for the Soul, How to Live Between Office Visits and much more.

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Bernie and Carol discuss the importance of a good relationship between the doctor and patient. Bernie would shave his head to show his empathy with his cancer patients or move his desk in his office to create an intimate human connection with his patients. Dr. Siegel talks about the healing process rather than the dis-ease and shares so many healing stories of patients that have surmounted their life challenging illnesses. Johnnie the gardener wanted to make the world a beautiful place and survived the later stage of cancer. His passion for gardening was his medicine. Bernie is known worldwide, loved by all and his health wisdom is unsurpassed!

Wanda Buckner – Founder of Healing Energy Services – Clearing Your Energy Field

Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services, people and pet communicator, clairvoyant, and author of Choosing Energy Therapy: A Practical Guide for Healing discusses with Carol how to clear your energy field in your home or office.

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Do you need a golden rose or a golden clearing wand like "Tinkerbell"? Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable with someone in your home or in any other space? How can you protect yourself especially when you may be vulnerable at the time? What is the solar plexus area and how many emotions can it store? Can sage help you clear out toxicity? Will your 7 chakras be affected and if so what can you do about it? Learn to honor your body and heart and shut all doors to toxicity!

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