The Healing Value of Dolphins and Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Dr. Sam Berne Holistic Eye Doctor The Healing Value of Dolphins and Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Dr. Sam Berne has been a holistic eye care practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico for over 30 years. Dr. Berne treats the body as one integrated system using a diverse variety of disciplines. Some of the disciplines are vision therapy, child development, nutrition, traumatic brain injury, somatic continuum movement, essentials oils, cranial sacral therapy and dolphin assisted therapy. Dr. Berne is an internationally known author, researcher and teacher.

William Shakespeare once said that “the eyes are the windows to your soul.” Can the eyes speak to us in their own mysterious way? Do we sometimes take our eyes for granted until an impairment occurs? And when that occurs, do we visit a traditional optometrist or a holistic eye care practitioner? How does dolphin assisted therapy play into the healing process? How do dolphins heal brain injured patients or trauma patients? What is the difference between a captive dolphin and a wild dolphin? What is sonar sound? How does dolphin assisted therapy help many types of ailments? Can it help spinal cord injury? Can dolphins help with emotions such as anxiety or fear? Can dolphins balance our whole being, our energy field or our vibration? Did you know that dolphins are heart centered? What is a dolphin pod ? How can they help with our emotional baggage and our level of consciousness? What happens to the human body when it submerges in the water with a dolphin pod? Can a dolphin be aggressive with a human being submerged in the water? What does it mean to ask for an invitation to a dolphin? Dr. Berne discusses with Carol Olivia the receptive element of the dolphin and the telepathic form of communication. Dr. Berne talks about the spiral movement as well as the cause of disease relating to less fluid in ones body. He tells us many healing stories from his patients and their interaction with a pod of dolphins. Did you know that dolphins are a bridge to another world and that they are capable of being connected to cosmic beings, UFO’s and orbs? How does Kirlian photography help with the healing process? Can dolphins balance our body, mind and spirit? Where are the dolphin retreats? Did you know that a dolphin can scan your physical body for any type of physical ailment? Did you know that dolphins prefer intimacy? There is so much wisdom to the human qualities of dolphins, the spirit, the spirituality and their connection to many vibrations and frequencies.