Kelly Carlin, Daughter of George Carlin – Synchronicity and Kelly’s Mission

Kelly Carlin – daughter of George Carlin, screenwriter, actress, radio host, producer, author of “A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up With George – Kelly’s Creative Journey. Her Home Life with the late George Carlin, Synchronicity and Kelly’s Mission.

How did Kelly Carlin embrace her creativity? Was it manifested from her home or her heart? How much was it shaped by her father George Carlin, the obstacles, the difficulties, the joys and the privileges. Kelly discusses with Carol Olivia why she felt the burden of perfection, and what was the shadow of her father? Did Kelly feel intimidated by her father’s financial success and how did it affect her psyche? Kelly discusses her excessive drive for perfection. living up to the image of her father George Carlin. When was Kelly’s spiritual awakening and how did her life turn around? When did she find her true identity, free of self doubts and how did she gain her confidence in the world? What messages did Kelly receive at her mother’s memorial? Was love the monumental truth spoken and how did she learn to nurture herself? What is her calling now, her greatest mission? George Carlin and his passed wife both believed in synchronicity. Kelly also believes in signposts and gives us stories that comforted her life. Kelly passionately believes that women need to balance the feminine and the masculine. She also talks about the process of unmasking our roles. Why does kindness, compassion and empathy play such an important role with the process of unmasking ourselves? Kelly is the founder of Women on the Verge coaching program which helps women find their lost thread and live the life that they have always imagined.