Self- Sabotage  

Terry Earthwind Nichols -Self- Sabotage

Terry Earthwind Nichols is the founder of RBCR which has practitioners in 14 countries. Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression discovers the foundational memory that drives repetitive behavior. Some of the areas for healing are anxiety, depression, PTSD, procrastination, and suicide. Terry is also the chairman at Evolutionary Healer and the ambassador at United Refugee Green Council. Terry is the author of Teachings from the Fire and is known for his international speaking engagements.

What is self- sabotage? What provokes one to say or do something that is not for their highest good? Does self- sabotage emanate from the conscious or subconscious mind? Is fear a factor in it and can self – sabotage be healed? Terry discusses with host Carol Olivia his story and how he turned his life around from wanting to commit suicide to embracing a fulfilling life. He had visited many psychiatrists and other practitioners and nothing seemed to fully work. Nothing seemed to change his repetitive behavior. He talks about Sigmund Freud and his experiences. Terry believes that self- sabotage is repeated victimization. He believes that some of us could encounter a very difficult issue in our early years (2 – 4). and that we could submerge this hardship into our subconscious mind which he also calls an amnesia state of mind. Terry believes that it is difficult to delete this experience form the age of (4 – 7) years. Did you know that the sense of smell is the most prominent sensation that we would remember in an uncomfortable situation. His practitioners want to break down the memory so there is no longer an ego or emotional attachment. He discusses his 30 day program whose focus is to create a new memory free from the repetitive destructive memories. This CR process creates a new person free from the past repetitive behaviors, creating self empowerment, self confidence and self love. It is life changing and his stories validate the CR process which is practiced in 14 countries. Listen to this podcast shedding light for innocent young victims and giving encouragement, love and self identity. Become aware of self-sabotage and how to heal yourself.