Questions with Candid Answers from a Hospice Physician

Dr. Edward Creagan Mayo Clinic and Author of Farewell – Questions with Candid Answers from a Hospice Physician – Pearls of Wisdom for Living

Dr. Edward Creagan has collected 40,000 narratives from patients in hospice. He will enlighten you to the human values of life that all of the patients echoed to him at their bedside. We will learn how to look at the positive aspects of his patients and how we can value our lives to a much greater degree. Did you know that hospice originated from the Crusade period? Why did the pilgrims travel to the Middle East at that time? How and why did the concept of hospice expand in the 1960’s by the British? Who was Cicely Saunders? What was her concept of dis-ease? What is the MRI of the soul? Cicely treated the emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient rather than the physical. Are you satisfied with the electronic record that your physician looks at? Would you prefer that he or she studies the story of your life more than the physical condition? What are some of Dr. Creagan’s stories with his patients? Listen as he tells host Carol Olivia about one patient who invented the pizza cutter. Listen as he tells host Carol Olivia about a patient physicist who designed the atom bomb. Did you know that hospice is not necessarily the end? There are many patients who survive without any medical explanation. You will learn why and how. What were the continuing human themes in some of the patients? What kind of regrets, loss, or if only I would have theme ? What is our lesson for the present? Did you know that touch is very powerful for the patient? What about kindness for healing? Why do all patients connect to a Higher Power in hospice? What happens to the muscles? Do you believe that the spirit is the strongest force in our immune system? How abut our attitude and disposition? This podcast of The Matter of the Heart will enlighten you to life, the fragility of life, to engage with it at the moment and to stay focused on your goals with gratitude in your heart!