Psychic Protection and How Can We Protect Ourselves

Wanda Buckner – Psychic Protection and How Can We Protect Ourselves

Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services, Pet & People Communicator, Energy Healer, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki Healer & Medium – Mediumship for Pets & People will discuss the A – Z of psychic protection.

I’m sure many of you have heard the word psychic protection, but what does it mean? Did you ever feel a negative energy from a person around you? Did you ever feel that someone is attacking you? And as a result of this experience, did you then attack yourself with negative thoughts or think of what you should have done? How can you protect yourself from negative energy? What is a psychic empath? Did you know that our energetic vibrations go into the universe? Did you know that our vibrations connect to our aura? What is an energetic chord? What is energetic exchange? What happens to an octopus when it feels threatened? Do the colors of its aura change? What does gold, pink and blue signify in an aura? What is a chord and how can you cut it? What is its purpose? What can we say to ourselves to cut the energy of another person? Did you know that you could speak to Archangel Michael to escort someone out of your energy field? Wanda discusses with host Carol the invisible golden mesh that she uses to release a negative energy. What gemstones can you use? Listen to Wanda’s stories about her protective tools of golden bubbles, invisible sword, crystals, and essential oils. How powerful is love and light as a protection? Wanda shares so many unique stories that will help you to protect yourself from negative forces so that you will not be affected by its force.