Procrastination and Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression

Procrastination and Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression – Terry Earthwind Nichols

Terry Earthwind Nichols is an evolutionary healer and founder of the repetitive behavior cellular regression. RBCR has practitioners in 14 countries. Terry is the ambassador at United Refugee Council and an international speaker. He is the creator of the Vision Strategy Roadmap and author of the book, Teachings from the Fire.

What is procrastination? How many of us have tried to accomplish a task and have continuously felt a road block? What prevents us to succeed? And is it repetitive? Where does procrastination emanate from? Does fear play into it? Does fear last longer than joy? And why? Do you continuously make a New Year’s resolution and somehow forget what it was? Our guest Terry Earthwind Nichols discusses how we can change our repetitive behavior patterns without an emotional attachment. At what age does repetitive behavior start? How do our early childhood experiences affect us? Did you ever have an uncomfortable experience and where did it travel to? Terry discusses how his practitioners create a new neurological pathway, or the back door affect. Can we free our memory from our past painful experiences? Terry conveys to host Carol about a woman who was healed from her asthma with repetitive behavior cellular regression. Terry believes that procrastination is a learned experience and that we can neutralize the experience for the future.