Pennies Are From Heaven

Dr. Bernie Siegel – Retired Surgeon and Best Known for His Worldwide Best Selling Book, Love, Medicine & Miracles – Pennies Are From Heaven

Dr. Bernie Siegel author of his best selling book, Love, Medicine & Miracles, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, The Art of Healing and so many more are on Bernie’s website

Listen to Bernie’s engaging stories of pennies and why he believes in the metaphysical world. Bernie discusses with Carol so many of his different experiences with pennies. Do you believe that the other side can communicate to us via pennies and if so how do they get there? What was the force? Bernie conveys to the listener the appearance of pennies in his home, outside his home and in the hospital. He believes that his deceased wife mysteriously communicates to him with pennies. Why did his friendship ring disappear? What is the symbol of a penny? What is the spiritual value of a penny on the other side. Dr. Siegel believes that there are no coincidences in life, that there is a reason for every season. Bernie believes in mediumship and contacted a medium to speak to his wife on the other side. Did you know that there is no “time” on the other side. It is a different sensation. Did you ever realize that there is no time when you create or are involved with your passion. The element of creativity exists, but not time. Therefore, there is no aging process with creativity. What was the significance of the butterfly in Bernie’s house and why wouldn’t it leave? Why did the butterfly stay on top of peoples heads in a workshop given by Bernie in Hawaii? Was the butterfly giving a message like the presence of a penny? Why is there an order of colors in a rainbow? Does it symbolize balance of life and what can we learn from it? What can we learn from nature? Bernie always says to quiet the mind to connect to your inner voice. Pennies are from heaven reminds us that there is a mysterious world that we may never fully understand. The more we quiet our mind, the more we will respect the mystery of life and respect its natural wisdom.