Past Lives A New Perspective and the Now

Past Lives, A New Perspective and the Now – Dr. Wanda Buckner

Dr. Wanda Buckner is the founder of Healing Energy Services, Pet and People Communicator, Energy Healer Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki, and Medium for Pets and People.

Dr. Wanda Buckner delves into the concepts of past lives as well as the now.. She discusses that there is no real proof of past lives, but is still open to it. Wanda mentions Eric Erikson the hypnotherapist and why he delved into the concept of it with his practice. How does a child prodigy learn to play music from the composer Mozart at such a young age? Dr. Buckner thinks that past lives are a useful tool to understand our present world. She gives us an example of a horse and the horse’s past life connection to a warrior horse. Can your past life be traced to your genealogy? Dr. Buckner stresses that we should spend less time on our past lives and basically concentrate on the now, the present life. What dd writer D.H. Lawrence say about us being transmitters of our lives? Do you have your own temple? Dr.Wanda Buckner gives us a new perspective on past lives with so many interesting stories to think about.