Opening the Subtle Energies of Gemstones

Laurelle Rethke Stone Medicine Woman – Opening the Subtle Energies of Gemstones

Laurelle Rethke Stone Medicine Woman, Vibrational Healing Therapist, Spiritual Alchemist, Certified Master or Crystology, Certified Master of Essential Oils, Certified in the Barbara Brennan Hands of Light and Healing and Astrology – Opening the Subtle Energies of the Stones and Connecting to the Heart with A Grounding Energy Meditation

Why are you attracted to a gemstone? Is it a calling from an unknown source? What is its energy force? What is the gemstone of your birthday? How are gemstones related to each chakra and what can they do for the healing process? Does each color of a stone have its own vibration? Did you know that some of the ingredients of a quality gemstone is the color of the intensity, its mineral content and its crystalized fracture. What is the personality of each stone? Is it the spirit that draws us to a gemstone? Did you know that you will be attracted to different stones in different stage of our lives? What are the most popular stones? Is it rose quartz, amethyst, or obsidian? How does each gemstone affect our glandular system? What does the clarity of the stone reveal? Where are some of the gemstones found? What do the points of a stone signify? What is the difference between darker colored stones and lighter ones? Can stones get to the root of an illness or can it be a diagnostic tool? What do the indigenous cultures believe in ? Why are certain cultures drawn to a stone, their soul’s collective? Everyone relates to a stone differently. What are the grounding stones? What is obsidian or jet used for? What does black tourmaline do and can it bounce off negative energy? Laurelle Rethke discusses with host Carol Olivia the A – Z of gemstones. You will learn so much about the stones on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You will listen to the beautiful grounding energy meditation connecting to your heart.