Natural Tips for Cancer from A to Z

Natural Tips for Cancer from A to Z – Dr Sharon Stills

Dr Sharon Stills NMD, Naturopathic Medical Doctor provides Therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients in need of a different approach to their health. She believes that the Mind and Body must be treated as well and has successfully helped thousands of women with medical concerns. Dr Stills is a leadership member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, The Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is also a leader in legislative issues regarding naturopathic medicine. She is also a certified meditation teacher Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

How important is toxicity to your total health? How do you do it? How do you detoxify yourself? Do you take your shoes off before you enter your home? How important is sweating? Dr Stills believes that everyone should sweat everyday because it moves the lymphatic system. What is Hydrotherapy? How can a hot and cold shower help to cleanse any toxicity? She believes that journaling can help the emotions cleanse themselves as well as creating a to-do list the day before. How many hours of sleep do you get and do you sleep in a dark room? What happens to your cortisol when your stress levels are high? Dr Stills does not believe anyone should drink coffee because it can create stress on the adrenal glands. She mentions EWG. She’s totally opposed to sugar. Did you know that you should only eat in an 8 hour timeframe.