Natural Remedies to Enhance Your Immune System for the Coronavirus

Natural Remedies to Enhance Your Immune System for the Coronavirus – Your Survival Tools – Dr. Bonnie McLean

Dr. Bonnie McLean was awarded the Top International Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in 2019. Doctor McLean integrates in her oriental and acupuncture practice cupping, hypnosis, guided imagery, shamanic and energy healing. She is the author of Integrative Medicine, The Return of the Soul to Healthcare.

Dr. Bonnie McLean believes that your immune system is important for the prevention of the Coronavirus and gives you many tools to enhance your total well-being. She discusses the many stages of the disease and what remedies to follow. Doctor McLean discusses how the environment contributes to the outbreak of the virus. What does roundup do to your system and why are there many legal cases? Are you eating GMO foods and do you know how to detoxify your body? Dr.McLean believes that sugar and stress are the 2 major ingredients that help to deplete our immune system. How much sleep is required for your body? She mentions exercise, the value of the sun and gives you a recipe for the detoxification of the kidneys and liver. What supplements should you take? She gives you her opinion of chloroquine as well as her opinion of an upcoming vaccine. There is so much information in this podcast on the natural approach to the Coronavirus with Dr. Bonnie McLean and host Carol.