Love Medicine And Miracles The Power of Words

Dr.Bernie Siegel – Retired Surgeon and Author of the World Wide Bestselling Book – Love, Medicine & Miracles – The Power of Words

Dr.Bernie Siegel, retired surgeon and author of the world wide best selling book – Love, Medicine & Miracles and other best selling books 355 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, How to Live Between Office visits and so much more on will discuss with host Carol the power of words.

Did you ever think that words have power? Can a kind word from a friend elevate ones spirit? How can humor shift your mindset so that you will look at your life differently? How can a doctor nurture you with positive and encouraging words when you are in a health crisis? Does the word hope from a doctor comfort you in a life challenging illness rather than the doctor addressing you as a statistic? What are surgeons trained to do? Are they trained to listen to your story? Did you know that the diagnosis of a patient helps the doctor and not the patient? Bernie tells us that doctors need to treat a person, not the statistic. He believes that doctors need to teach patients how to live. Why are the words of a physician so important for the healing process of a patient? What is spontaneous remission? Did you know that some of Bernie” patients are his teachers? How does the power of words affect your immune system? How can your immune system get better? What are some of the influences? Bernie thinks that we are all mortal. How did Louise Hay contribute to the power of words with Bernie? How is our immune system affected when we help other people? What words are so valuable for healing? Listen to Bernie’s words as he receives messages from God. What is Bernie’s concept of God? Why does Dr. Siegel think that life is a cycle, a continuum? What did Helen Keller teach us about living life to its fullest? What happened in the concentration camps with some of the survivors? What was their greatest asset to survive? Can hope transform healing? What did Nietzsche and Maimonides have to say about healing? Bernie talks about immortality. Dr. Bernie Siegel is so well known worldwide for his wisdom on health. His stories will fascinate you, nurture your soul, and give you such hope and inspiration for a loving future. I am enthralled with Bernie’s endless mission to serve mankind with his loving heart.