Living A Course In Miracles

Living A Course In Miracles – David Fishman

David Fishman has been mentoring students and teachers in A Course In Miracles, ACIM. David is the co founder of One Mind Foundation.

Carl Jung once quoted, “What you resist persists”. David Fishman discusses the many spiritual and practical qualities in this worldwide course. How does our ego play into this ? How can we shift our perception so that we are no longer fear based? Why does resistance take away from our being in the moment? How can we develop trust from divine guidance. David Fishman talks about many lessons and the wisdom with each one. He believes that we live in a sea of synchronicity in an ocean of love. David discusses how we can listen to the wisdom of God rather than our ego which can be fear based. Why does the ego always want to be right and why is that so detrimental to our self growth? Listen to him talk about lessons 47, 48, 49 and 50. How can we bring our mind into a peaceful place? How can we remove all blockages for our attainment of love? This podcast with David Fishman goes into the wisdom in A Course in Miracles, ACIM. He is an expert and offers you much to think about.