Letting Go of Old Resentments And How To Be Free From Hurt

Dr.Carly Manly – Clinical Psychologist, Letting Go of Old Resentments and how to be free from hurt.

Dr.Carla Manly is a clinical psychologist integrating mindfulness practices in her profession. Dr. Manly specializes in treatment of anxiety, gender identity, family issues, depression, physical intimacy, and more. She is also the author of Joy from Fear and Aging Joyfully.

What is old resentment? Did someone ever hurt you and this feeling stayed with you over years? Can this hurt be totally healed or can it be eased? What happens if that person hasn’t evolved and you still have to see them again such as a “family” gatherings? Did you ever think that the person will hurt you again? What do you do about it? Can you protect yourself and feel internally safe? If that person hurts you, should you be true to yourself and speak up. What if that person doesn’t respond to you without an apology? Dr. Carla Manly discusses with host Carol the ways to protect yourself when that other person is not emotionally mature. How about a bubble around you so that no one can invade your heart or invisible armor? Carol mentioned that we need to shift the energy from the heart chakra to the mind. When we do that, we can look at that person objectively without getting involved with any emotional entanglement. What are your boundaries? Do you alienate or are you very sensitive at the time? What about the level of sensitivity of the person? Do you cover up resentment? Was that other person toxic on purpose or were they thoughtless at the time? Is this all about self empowerment? Is this all about speaking your truth as Dr. Bernie Siegel has mentioned on some of the shows with host Carol. This podcast will give you much to think and feel about, to get to the root of the resentment and how to navigate an old resentment.