Laughter For Your Immune System

Dr. Bernie Siegel -Laughter For Your Immune System

The Matter of the Heart – Dr. Bernie Siegel Retired Surgeon, One of His Many Medical Accomplishments was His Introduction of ECP Exceptional Cancer Patients. Bernie is the Author of the Worldwide Best Selling Book, Love, Medicine & Miracles. Other best selling books are 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace, Love & Healing, How to Live Between Office Visits and many many more on – Laughter and Your Immune System, Lifting An Existing Burden, The Power of Laughter

Does laughter create self empowerment? How can it shift a burden into neutral gear? Will it give you a sense of freedom? Is laughter a spiritual, emotional and physical medication for the soul? How does Bernie use his humor to engage other people in his favorite supermarket? Listen to Bernie’s funny stories that he used with his patients in the operating room. Why do people bond when someone laughs and each one follows? What does it do to the spirit of everyone? Does it become more of a family? Bernie believes that you cannot be afraid when you engage with laughter. Why did he blow up the operating gloves in the operating room to create an animal? How can laughter change the body chemistry? What happens to the immune system and the stress levels? Bernie believes that the mind can change the body’s immune system. Laughter can neutralize a situation. Bernie loves the quote, “He who laughs, lasts.” What did the study in Sweden reveal? Did you ever think of wearing crazy clothing? Dr. Siegel has so many enlightening stories from his distinguished medical career. Bernie feels that he is the television screen and his angel decides which words will flow. He tells host Carol Olivia a quote that he loves, ” open your heart and magic happens.”

This is a fascinating podcast on the magic and power of laughter on The Matter of the Heart podcast. You will be amazed at Bernie’s stories!