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Kinesiology, Our Energy Field, Our Electric Body – Dr. James Huang

Dr. James Huang is a chiropractor with practices in kinesiology, zone technique, brain balancing, scalar wave laser therapy, cranial therapy, morphogenic field technique and energy specific technique.

Dr. Huang tells host Carol that the body is electric, the polarity system which is positive and negatively charged. He discusses how we can measure our electrical energy like the the currents of a battery. He discusses the tools of muscle testing , delving into the electrical tone of the body. Did you know that every part of the body has its own frequency? What does pain indicate with muscle testing? Did you know that a practitioner can determine what kind of nutrition we need by muscle testing? What are the emotions associated with the spleen, liver, kidneys, or thyroid? Dr. Huang talks about his own technique, the energy specific technique. He looks at the patient globally the bio field or our energetic field and everything that encompasses our whole being such as our aura, chakra system, chi or magnetic field. It is important to increase our field as much as possible as it is a good indicator of our health. Dr. Huang discusses how certain metals can affect our energy field and recommends not to wear too much jewelry or none at all. He wears a wooden ring. He talks how we can fight radiation and the types of water to drink.