Indigenous Cultures that Connect from the Heart

Indigenous Cultures, Bali, Australia, Chile and more – Cultures that Connect from the Heart – Dr.Bonnie McLean

Dr. Bonnie McLean was awarded the top International Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in 2019, IAOTP. Dr.McLean also integrates in her oriental medicine and acupuncture practice cupping, hypnosis, guided imagery, shamanic and energy healings. She is the author of Integrative Medicine, The Return of the Soul to Healthcare.

Have you ever visited an indigenous culture? Why do the people of these countries connect more from the heart than people living in industrialized countries? Why do they connect more to Mother Earth? How do the people in Bali live their spiritual lives?

What prompted the guest Dr. Bonnie McLean to visit indigenous cultures? Why did she feel that they healed her more than psychotherapists? Why do people change after they return from Bali? What do people in Bali use in their ceremonies? Why do they wear colored clothes? Are they telepathic? Why are volcanoes sacred? Who was Philippine psychic surgeon Alex Orbito? Where are some of the power points in the world? Is Mt. Shasta , Stonehenge or Sedona some of them? What happens to our body? What lifestyle do the Aboriginal people live? Why do they always stare and are they always connecting to the spirit world on the earth plane? Did you ever hear of acupuncture with sharp sticks? What does Alberto Villoldo believe? Dr. Bonnie McLean has so many heartfelt stories about the people in the indigenous countries that she had visited. There is such health wisdom that you will want to listen to the show again and again.