Hypnotism Kevin Stone

Hollywood Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist and Internationally Known Expert – Kevin Stone – Hypnotism

Kevin Stone has hypnotized 1000’s of people all over the world and has many CD’s on different areas of life for healing. What is hypnosis and what is hypnotherapy?

Did you know that hypnosis originated in the 1700’s by the Greek and Egyptian civilizations? The sick would go to “sleep or dream temples” to be healed. They felt that they were healed with the method of hypnosis. Later the Kings and Queens were known to behold the power and it was called the Royal Touch. What does the “power of the words” mean? Is it just words? How is the power of words directed? Did Obama deliver his speeches with the NLP technique? Kevin Stone discusses with host Carol Olivia the type of behavior that is involved with hypnotism. He believes that all behavior is learned. How does he tap into the subconscious mind? Do you know that the conscious mind uses 12% of the brain’s capacity? How much of the unconscious mind do we use? What does it mean that we allow the power of suggestion to take into effect? Can a person who is resistant to hypnosis become hypnotised? What is self hypnosis? Is is wise to listen to positive words before going to sleep and what can negative words do to our conscious or subconscious mind before we go to sleep?

Can hypnosis be used for the opioid addict? Can you stop smoking, stop drinking, limit your stress and so much more? The Hollywood Hypnotist believes that a good hypnotist needs a healthy heart to truly connect to the heart of the client. And that a good therapist guides the patient to heal themselves. How does hypnosis balance the client with Kevin’s techniques? Listen to his story of how a patient relieved her shoulder pain over the years with Kevin’s hypnosis. He believes that what you think you become. He discusses with host Carol Olivia that the messages that he receives emanate from his heart to enhance the soul and to elevate the spirit.