Huna (Secret) Ancient Hawaiian Teachings

Huna (Secret) Ancient Hawaiian Teachings – Belinda Farrell

Belinda Farrell is a certified neuro linguistics practitioner and certified Huna practitioner of Ancient Hawaiian healing. Belinda is also a certified master hypnotherapist and author of Find Your Friggin Joy: Discover Missing Links from Ancient Hawaiian Teachings.

What are some of the Ancient Hawaiian teachings from over 3000 years ago? Who were the kahunas and what did Max Freedom Long learn from the kahunas? He later acknowledged that the secrets of Huna healing which he had witnessed in Hawaii were encoded in the Hawaiian language. Belinda discusses the Huna way of forgiveness and gives you some examples of how you can connect to the healing process. Why is taking over your own responsibility so important for healing in the Huna teachings? What is the meaning of “chord”? Did you know that a “chord” can create an entity in us or an attachment? How can we cut it? Belinda discusses her story of 2 animals, the dolphin and the turtle and the spiritual meaning with both. Huna is an ancient teaching that will give you much to think about.