How to Use Your Unconscious Mind to Predict the Outcome of Future Events

Joshua Schmude – Author and Publisher –Reverse Speech in Theory and Practice: How to Use Your Unconscious Mind to Predict the Outcome of Future Events

How does the unconscious mind affect our daily routine? What are the three layers of our mind? Where are our memories stored? What is the collective unconsciousness?

Who was Carl Jung and why did he detach himself from Sigmund Freud? Which road did Carl Jung follow and why was he so passionate about the metaphysical world? Do you follow synchronicity? Do you know what it means and how can we learn to follow the signs so that we continue on our mission without distractions? How important are your dreams and can they predict an upcoming event? Carl Jung received many messages from his dreams that created his theory on consciousness? Who was David Oates and what did he mean by reverse speech? Is it possible that we can get messages from reverse speech? How important is our tone and inflection of our words? Is there a deeper meaning to reverse speech? Did you know that Abraham Lincoln predicted his assassination two weeks before he was killed in a dream? What is the meaning of archetypes? What was the Mystery School? Do you believe that you have a God within you? Who was Apostle Paul and what was his spiritual transformation? Is it wise for you to keep a dream journal and what does a consistent dream reveal? Do you remember your dreams and do they emanate from your unconscious mind? Did you ever question the symbol of the mandala? Joshua Schmude has so much enriching information from Carl Jung to dreams to Abraham Lincoln to your mind.