How to Navigate Your Internal GPS System 

Noelle Agape – How to Navigate Your Internal GPS System 

Guest Noelle Agape TV host of The Infinite Wellness Show, health and wellness counselor, transformational coach, certified in Quantum Energy Medicine, certified in NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, knowledgeable about Quantum Physics and Deepak Chopra, certified Energy Healer and international speaker discusses with host Carol the tools of navigating our internal GPS.

How many of you have used the word GPS spiritually? What does it mean to you? How can we navigate our GPS so that we will not get stuck with our internal obstacles? How can our internal GPS pave our road and get to our yellow brick road of our life’s journey? Is our spiritual GPS our inner voice, our gut, the voice of our heart, or our soul? Do our angels speak to us or are the signs or synchronicity there for us to follow? Noelle believes that our GPS is our guiding tool to connect to our higher self. She believes that it is our highest power tool, the bond that we have with the Creator or the Divine. How does divine intervention play into this? Is it part of our GPS? What should we do when we are in the crossroads of life? Noelle tells Carol that the universe speaks to us every day. It is a matter of tapping into our intuition without any ego or negative thoughts or feelings. The key is to quiet the mind and heart to receive our highest direction for our lives. Do you believe that we are always co creating with the Creator. Is the bond a dance with the same rhythm and beat. What is the difference between a sacred contract and soul contract? Can we become aware to it? How does the soul direct us? Do you ever speak to your soul? Noelle Agape believes that we are here to expand. How does freedom or courage play into this? Noelle believes that the universe is abundant and that we are the highest vibration. Carol believes that our spiritual partner is the Creator and that the signs or our internal GPS leads us to our highest purpose and to the depth of our wisdom. Noelle Agape speaks with such passion on this topic and she conveys her messages to many retreats all over the world!