How To Make Friends With Your Unconscious Mind

How To Make Friends With Your Unconscious Mind – Dr.Florian Birkmayer

Doctor Florian Birkmayer use to be a conventional psychiatrist and after a time became disillusioned with the process of prescribing medications with no real solution. Later on, Dr. Birkmayer embraced his present profession, holistic psychiatry. He is a wounded healer, ceremonialist teacher, a PTSD therapist and works with the aromas of essential oils transforming the entire psyche, body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Florian Birkmayer discusses how we can collaborate with our unconscious mind which he feels is very important for healing our past wounds. He gives you a quote by Carl Jung that the world hangs by a thin thread and many events are from our psyche. He discusses the observer and meditation. There are many modalities that we can embrace to connect to our unconscious mind, all for the betterment of becoming exactly who we are. He mentions hypnotherapy, dream journaling, intuition, synchronicity and more. He will inform you of the essential oils to use and the master of them all. How can we get to the balance of our conscious and unconscious mind? What is the royal road to the unconscious mind? How can we listen to our soul through our unconscious mind? How do the angels speak to us through our unconscious mind? This podcast with Dr. Florian Birkmayer and host Carol Olivia Adams will enlighten you to respect your unconscious mind recognizing the importance of it for the healing of your total psyche.