How Can Animals Teach us to Build a Better World

Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly – How Can Animals Teach us to Build a Better World

The Matter of the Heart – Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly Vegan and Intuitive Veterinarian completed internships in Cornell University, Tuffs and Ohio State., Animal Promoter of Intuitive Medicine for the Mind, Body, and Soul – How Can Animals Teach Us to Build a Better World.

Dr. Connolly has helped over 10,000 families find peace and closure in regard to their pets illness and passing. Her life’s purpose is to inspire animals and humans to live in balance. How is the animal kingdom aligned with the balance of nature? What traits can we humans learn from animals? How can they teach us to be more in balance with ourselves? Can they teach us to build a better world? Do they have compassion for one another? Do animals connect to their hearts much more than humans and why is that? Can the heart of animals be compared to the hearts of children? Listen to Dr. Connolly discuss this with host Carol Olivia and why it is so important to attain our mission in life. Do animals connect more to the simplicity of life than humans? Are they more in the present and why do they have less worries? Dr. Connolly believes that animals are more honest and direct than human beings. Why is intuition so monumental in the animal world? How can we learn from this? Did you know that your cat or dog can pick up on your personality and integrate your trait with theirs? What qualities can we learn from an animal? Is the element of physical movement essential to follow? Did you know that wild animals have no obesity issues? Listen to what Vegan Veterinarian Dr. Connolly says about this. Why are animals sustainable with their food? What can we learn from this? Can we become more balanced with ourselves? What can we learn from the earthworm, squirrel or lion? Why is the cheetah the fastest moving animal? Is the cheetah a predator or a prey? What can we learn from the patience of the turtle or the communal nature of an ant? Did you know that animals have an amazing will to live despite all odds? What can we learn from their resilience? And why are animals so loving in nature? Listen to this podcast, learn about the animal kingdom, learn how to adapt some of their wisdom to your life. You will learn about their natural world.