Happiness Is An Inside Job

Dr.C.Norman Shealy , Pioneer Physician in Holistic Pain – Happiness Is An Inside Job

Dr.C. Norman Shealy is the first physician to specialize in the resolution of back pain via holistic management as well as deep anxiety, and chronic depression. His neurosurgeon training included Duke University, Mass. General and Washington University. Dr. Shealy is a keynote speaker in national and international conferences. He is the president of Shealy Sorin Wellness Center and Holos Energy Medicine education. Some of Dr. Norman Shealy’s contributions to mankind are the invention of the TENS machine, cranial electrical stimulator, acknowledging medical intuition, the founder of the American Holistic Association, Co-founder with Caroline Myss the American Board for Scientific Medical Intuition. He appeared on national TV including The Morning Show, Oprah, Geraldo, Good Morning, The Today Show and many more. He has 14 patents in energy medicine and has published 36 books. His next book will be Conversations with G- A Physician’s Guide to Heaven.

Did you know that 99% of people who die of heart attack and cancer have lifelong depression or anger? What does happiness mean to you? Dr. Shealy tells us that the average American lives to be 79 years, but that we are genetically programmed to live to 100. He outlines 5 tips for living a long life. Some of them are exercise and the amount of time and the amount of time to sleep. Dr. Shealy gives you tips on how to change the result of a negative experience. He talks about self hypnosis, the hypothalamus and the self regulation of the training of the brain. How do we get out of deep anxiety or depression? What is his concept of God? How does faith play into this? Why do people in the south western part of Italy live a long life? How can we check free radicals in our body? What does the electrical stimulator do to our spinal cord? How can the TENS machine relieve your pain? Dr. Norman Shealy guides his patients to their past life experiences. He feels that we become freer after we deal with our past lives. What is Dr. Norman Shealy’s wisdom on health? There is so much valuable information on health from the Master Doctor, Dr. Norman Shealy. His biography and his contributions to mankind are monumental!