Front Line Health Workers and Survival Tools

Front Line Health Workers and Survival Tools – Brenda Pearce RN, The Empowered Nurse

Brenda Pearce is a RN with 37 years of experience as a front-line nurse. She has also taught and trained front line essential caregivers and believes in an integrative approach to health and wellness. Brenda is a TV show producer, and host on a regional TV show in Canada. She is also a podcaster and author of several books including 100 Voices Inspiration Awakening & Empowerment. “All health is cell health” quotes Brenda Pearce.

How do front line workers deal with the uncertainty of their lives? Brenda offers you much insight into health and the health care system with over 37 years of experience. How does mindfulness improve the focusing of the brain for hospital patients? What does prayer do to many of the patients that Brenda Pearce has witnessed? What is Brenda’s wisdom of life after engaging with such difficult situations in hospitals? How does fear cone into play with our overall healing process? She discusses the monks in Tibet and the Hundredth Monkey Effect. What does loving energy do to our immune system or to our cells? Listen to the wisdom of Brenda Pearce RN who believes that “All health is Cell Health”.