Feng Shui Balance, Spirit and Sacred Space

Feng Shui – Balance, Spirit and Sacred Space – Laura Staley

Laura Staley is the author of Transform Your Life with Feng Shui. She is certified with the Western School of Feng Shui and is the founder of Cherish Your World.

Feng Shui is a 3000 year old art and science with wisdom originating in China and means wind and water. Do you have too much clutter in your home? Where is your bed located? Does it need to be moved and why? Do you ever walk in a space and it simply feels good? Did you ever wonder why? Why is it so important that your heart connects to the paintings in your home? Laura discusses that everything has energy, animate and inanimate. She believes that all energy is connected and that all energy changes. Would you like to simplify and organize your life more? Listen to Laura Staley who offers you lots of information on Feng Shui that you could use in your home, your business and more.