Faith Survivors Resilience and Miracles

Faith, Survivors, Resilience and Miracles – Dr. Edward T. Creagan

Dr. Edward T. Creagan is Professor of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, John and Roma, Professor of Humanism, Past President of Mayo Clinic Faculty,and Distinguished Mayo Clinician Award, Highest Honor.

Dr. Creagan has a truly miraculous story of one of his patients who had been to the top 3 skin doctors of the world. This is a true miracle story and Dr. Creagan shares many more stories of patients who displayed such resilience that we can all learn from. Why did the symptoms disappear? You will be amazed.

What did this patient encounter in church? Dr. Edward T. Creagan speaks about the power of faith, the connection to a higher being, and the embrace of spirituality . He has seen many survivors and he conveys some of the secrets. What does the power of a relationship do for the patient? Dr. Creagan also believes that spirituality adds a dimension for healing. It gives a purpose and more of an understanding. What happens to the wellbeing of a caregiver? How is the immune system affected by aiding a patient each day? What is conjugal bereavement and what does it do to the other spouse? What does the 23rd psalm do for the suffering? What is robotic surgery? What is the new role of the physician? What has changed? Dr. Creagan discusses with host Carol the network of human beings, including the parking lot attendant that all contribute to the survival of a patient. This podcast supplies you with wonderful medical information, miracle healing stories all given to you by the human side of Dr. Edward T. Creagan.