Energy Healing

Light Language Energy Healing and a Powerful Light Language Energy Meditation – Charyl Özkaya

Charyl Özkaya is the founder of the Inner Healing Arts Center. Charyl is a practitioner in many modalities including breath work, EFT tapping, reiki, akashic record readings, and light language energy healing. At the end of the show, she will do a light language transmission meditation to breathe in the light and expand the heart.

What is light language energy healing? The guest tells host Carol that light language is an expression from the Divine. It can be angelic, galactic, elemental, ancestral or more. It transmits healing energy, coded information and vibrational activations. She believes that light language energy healing increases ones frequencies and creates a higher vibration for healing. Some of the affects are clarity of the mind, the clearing of old patterns, raising our overall energy level, a sense of peacefulness, and a state of lightness. Charyl believes that sound healing is a natural process and originated from the earliest of times. The more we raise our vibrations, the more the potential of healing our past wounds. This is one of the purposes of light language energy. The more we connect to the “other side”, the more that energy can help us heal because it emanates from a higher source. The words in her meditation are meant to bypass the mind. She starts with toning, deeper breathing, the attention is given to different parts of the body. Her words will not be understood which makes her meditation extremely interesting because the messages are traveling to her from entities from the “other side”. Breathe in the light and expand the heart.