Dr.Edward T Creagan Professor and Oncology

Dr.Edward T. Creagan, Professor and Oncology Doctor at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Minnesota

The Matter of the Heart – Dr.Edward T. Creagan, Professor and Oncology Doctor at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Minnesota. He was the Past President of the Mayo Clinic Faculty. Dr. Creagan has written approximately 80 medical publications ranging from malignant melanoma in the 21st Century to schizophrenia. He is the author of Farewell – Vital End of Life Questions with Candid Answers from a Leading Palliative and Hospice Physician – Perseverance and Tenacity – How to Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually Go Forward Despite Any Setback or Limitation

Dr. Creagan discusses with host Carol Olivia, J.K. Rowlings the author of the Harry Potter series and how she kept on persevering. Did you know that 19 publishers dismissed her manuscript? Did you know that she was destitute and a single mom writing in pubs or in her car? 

She is now the wealthiest woman in the Untied Kingdom. What qualities does it take to persevere? Do we all have it in us? Dr. Creagan believes we all have the ability. Is it an inner faith or something else? What were the Beatles told in the 1960″s about having a guitar in a band ? What were the Rolling Stones told or Walt Disney? Dr. Creagan believes that no one should ever put a limitation on anyone else. He believes that our tenacity will appear when we are challenged. He believes that a life challenging dis-ease can become a lighter burden when we have some type of partnership including a pet. He calls it a family or tribe. Dr. Creagan discusses how a strong belief system influences our immune system. How does cortisol play into this? How can kindness help the persevering process? How does loving each step that we take enhance the persevering process? Listen to his stories from his patients that did not follow the rules. How do you persevere with an illness when many physicians are stuck with the electronic crisis? What should you look for in a physician? You will learn to feel more empowered by being in charge of your health. How does a belief in the Higher Power enhance our tenacity? How do pets enhance our tenacity to live? Animals have no masks and can enliven our strength. Listen to The Matter of the Heart podcast and learn how to embrace more tenacity and perseverance with guest Dr. Edward T. Creagan and host Carol Olivia.