Dr. Edward T Creagan Grit Resilience And Survivors

Dr. Edward T. Creagan, Professor and Oncology Doctor at The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine – Grit, Resilience and Survivors

Dr. Edward Creagan, Professor of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, John and Roma Rouse, Professor of humanism, Palliative care consultant, Past President of Mayo Clinic faculty and distinguished Mayo Clinic’s Highest Honor will discuss Grit, Resilience and Survivors.

Did you ever wonder how someone survived a monumental challenge or life threatening disease? Was it in their DNA or some other ingredient? Was it courage, their attitude, or their inner faith? Did that person focus in on the rainbow beyond the clouds? Did you know that the Beatles were turned down by a record label because they had a guitar band? What happened to Michael Jordan? Did you know that JK Rowling was a single mom and destitute? Now she is one of the wealthiest women in the United Kingdom. What did all of these superstars have? Who was Angela Duckworth? She was an inner city school teacher who encouraged children despite their diverse adversity. Dr. Creagan tells host Carol Olivia that all of these mentioned people had gritty defiance or gritty determination. Is it the inner drive of a person or is it a spiritual inner voice, or an angel? Why do they go the extra mile? They had no fear of rejection or intimidation. Children learned from Angela Duckworth that the quality of nurturing was their key motivation to achieve their goals. Dr. Creagan stresses that it doesn’t matter if it’s a genetic member of a family that nurtures the child. It could be a school guard, a grandmother, or anyone that enters that child’s life that supplies that child with a good heart. It is the belief system that works. Remember ‘I have a Dream’ by Martin Luther King? What does AA and Al Anon have in common? How did AA start? Was it divine inspiration? They both validate the importance of inner faith. Dr. Creagan believes that suffering souls look for a life preserver.