Death Row Inmates

Death Row Inmates,  Counseling, Reflection and Interviews – Dr. Dora Wolfe, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Dora Wolfe – Clinical Psychologist, CEO and Clinical Director of Wolfe Behavioral Health with the focus on mood, trauma, and attachment – Death Row Dr. Wolfe integrates psychotherapy in her practice with specialized treatments such as eye movement and reprocessing, biofeedback, somatic processing, mindfulness and attachment therapy. She has practiced in hospitals, schools and the department of corrections. She believes that reliance on pharmaceuticals can cause more harm than good. “The power to prescribe is the power not to prescribe.” In The Matter of the Heart, Dr.Wolfe and Carol discuss death row and its many ramifications.

The host delves into the framework of the prison system, the psychology of a death row inmate, the community of inmates or the adopted family inside the prison, rehabilitation, healing reflection of the inmates and how to sustain a sense of positivity and much more! What is the percentage of death row inmates that have not committed the crime that they are incarcerated for? What are some of the survival tools used to prevent suicide? Can the loving energy of a counselor or psychologist help death row inmates to honestly reflect on their lives? Some inmates deny their crime and some inmates accept their crime. What was the motivating factor that Dr. Wolfe had to counsel death row inmates. Did she have fear or curiosity? Dr. Dora Wolfe has so much valuable information, an insiders perspective of inmates on death row!