Covid 19 And Animals

How Has Covid 19 Affected Animals and Can Humans Pass it to Animals or Vice Versa – Dr. Wanda Buckner

Dr. Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services, People and Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki Healer and Medium for Pets and Animals will discuss the Covid 19 crisis for animals, pets and humans.

Dr. Buckner also discusses many stories of animals in the wildlife environment. Did you know that there are now more jellyfish in Venice? What about the rat population? Rats and monkeys and becoming more aggressive because of the pandemic. What happened to the mink farms in the Netherlands? Which pet can get Covid 19 easier? Should you wear a mask in your home because there is a pet who lives there? Dr. Wanda Buckner discusses why the moods of our pets shift with our disposition. Learn how we can learn from the animals and what wisdom they have for us. Can a pet be helpful for you in the times of the Covid 19 crisis and what does it do to our immune system? Lots of information in this important podcast with Dr. Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services.