Coronavirus – Dr.Edward Creagan Professor of Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Dr. Edward Creagan is Professor of Medical Oncology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, John and Roma Rouse, Professor of Humanism in Medicine, Past President of Mayo Clinic Faculty , Distinguished Mayo Clinician Award , Mayo Clinics Highest Honor and a Palliative Care Consultant.

Dr. Edward Creagan will explain everything about the coronavirus from its origin from the ” Chicago of China” to its physical image, to how to protect ourselves and how to increase our immune system. Why is there such a steep with infected people in such a short period of time and how can we curtail it? Dr.Creagan discusses his 5 tactics to protect ourselves and the songs that he engages with via his 20 second ritual of washing his hands. Can heat or hot weather be a detriment for the spreading of the coronavirus? What happened in Milan and other cities throughout the world? What happens to the human being psychologically or spiritually? Dr. Edward Creagan discusses his belief in the Divine or whatever name you are comfortable with to comfort you during these challenging times. What are 5 ways to improve our immune system? Why is water so important for our overall health? How much should you drink? Why does it relate to our weight? How can the virus and perilous our collective consciousness? This must podcast will give you a wealth of information during these uncertain and challenging times.