Color of Gemstones Chakras and Crystal Healing

Laurelle Rethke Stone Medicine Woman, Color of Gemstones, Chakras and Crystal Healing

Laurelle Rethke, Stone Medicine Woman, vibrational healing therapist, spiritual alchemist, certified master of crystology, certified master of essential oils, certified in Barbara Brennan Hands of Light and Healing and Astrology will discuss with host Carol color of gemstones, chakras, and crystal healing.

Have you ever been drawn to a crystal or have you ever not be drawn to a crystal? What does the energy or vibration of a gemstone or crystal do for you? Do you feel its healing energy or are attracted to its appearance? How can you recharge a gemstone? Did you know that each chakra has a healing gemstone? Laurelle believes that there are 9 chakras rather than 7. She calls the chakra system the rainbow bridge to our consciousness. Did you know that a red gemstone coincides with our root chakra and that the crown chakra coincides with the color violet? What are the earth chakras? Did you know that they are 6-8″ below the feet? What do we look for when we purchase a crystal? How do you receive the highest vibration or frequency of a gemstone? Do you meditate with a gemstone, or do you wear gemstone jewelry? Laurelle Rethke of believes that the best way to receive its healing power is by placing a gemstone on your body. She feels that you should buy a stone that feels right for you. Your eyes, your visual stimuli will lead the way. How does a red stone help to heal the heart? What does blue calcite do? What is an “actor” stone used for? What is the best way to cleanse a stone? Is it quartz cluster, sage, or selenite? What length of time is needed to cleanse a stone? Laurelle Rethke uses 250 stones in her practice for clients. She has 1000’s in her office. What is fluorite or tourmaline used for? Laurelle feels that the stone will speak to you. Your intuition will know what to purchase and how long the stone will be needed as we go through different cycles of our lives.

Laurelle Rethke, Stone Medicine Woman will give you so much information on the beauty and healing properties of gemstones and crystals.