Auras, Colors and Chakras

Gina Griffiths Soul Reader, Aura Reader – Auras, Colors and Chakras

What is the meaning of an aura? What is Kirlian photography which originated in 1939? What are photographic plates and how are they used to create an image? Gina and Carol discuss so many aspects of auras and chakras.

Do you have layers of colors in your aura that represent your past life overlay? What is the significance of the 7 chakras? Do you have a dominant color in your aura and how does it reveal your personality? Did you know that blue represents artistic communication? Did you know that white represents a connection to the Creator? Which color suggests that a person’s energy has many blockages in order to move forward? Did you know that your foot also has an aura attachment? How does an aura exit? Rocks and plants have auras and have been seen with Kirlian photography. What are the dimensions of an aura and can we see an aura or feel one around a body? Is the chi energy our source connection? What does red, orange, blue, violet and green mean? And what parts of the body correlate with them? The auras of your body will change according to your mood! You will also learn how to detect your own aura.