Attachment Initial Parent Baby Bond

Attachment – Initial Parent Baby Bond and Development of the Brain – Dr. Dora Wolfe

Dr. Dora Wolfe is the CEO and clinical director of Wolfe Behavioral Health. Dr. Wolfe is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in trauma and attachment disorders. She believes in the holistic approach to treatment and integrative nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga, biofeedback and neurofeedback with her patients.

How does the initial parent baby bond affect the development of the brain especially in areas related to affect regulation and stress management? How does this initial relationship set the template for all future relationships? Dr. Wolfe believes that early parenting is important for the brain development psychologically and physically. Which side of the brain is anger stored? Did you know that the baby will feel the vibration of the caretaker and that the physical or psychological vibrations could lead to a disease such as diabetes or a heart issue? Dr. Wolfe discusses why the caretaker should not walk away when the baby cries. Did you know that half of the population is insecurely attached?