Aromatherapy for Healing

Dr. Florian Birkmayer – Holistic Psychiatrist – Aromatherapy for Healing Your Mind, Emotions and Soul

How many of you listeners have heard of a holistic psychiatrist? Dr. Florian Birkmayer was a conventional psychiatrist and became disenchanted with the profession. He then embraced his new profession, holistic psychiatry. Dr. Birkmayer is a wounded healer, ceremonialist teacher, an EAT therapist and works with the aromas of essential oils transforming the entire psyche, including body, mind and spirit.

Did any of you ever hear of a holistic psychiatrist? Did you ever think that the aroma of an essential oil can help the healing process such as a past trauma? Can the scent of an essential oil bypass the intellect for the process of healing? Can the aroma communicate with the unconscious? What was the stimuli that propelled Dr. Birkmayer to change his conventional psychiatry profession and become a holistic psychiatrist? He discusses with host Carol why he was tired of prescribing medication to his patients with no real results with their behavior. What is DSM? What is the meaning of a statistical doctor? What are some of his healing stories and how does the soul play into the healing process? Do we really know about the unconscious mind? Can the aromas of essential oils tap into past traumas. Dr. Birkmayer believes that most major illnesses stem from traumas. He also speaks of St. Francis and Buddhism. What is the collective unconscious? How important is our sense of smell? Do you know that smell travels straight to the brain? What is the nature of plants? Are they more competitive or more communal with each other? He also talks about Marcel Proust. How do we tap into the messages of our psyche? Did you know that the ego is afraid of the unconscious? How is spirit affected by a scent? How does Carl Jung play into this? Dr. Florian Birkmayer has a strong passion for aromatherapy for the healing process. He became disillusioned with the concept of prescribing medication with little results. This podcast on The Matter of the Heart will give you much to think about, even reflect on someone who has been seeing a conventional psychiatrist for years.