Aroma Therapy Healing and The Fulfillment of Your Soul’s Journey

Aroma Therapy, Healing and The Fulfillment of Your Soul’s Journey – Cathy Skipper

Cathy Skipper trained in France as an herbalist and an aromatherapist. Cathy works with plants intuitively and helps others to reconnect with nature. Both Cathy Skipper and her husband, Dr. Florian Birkmayer holistic psychiatrist work with aromas for transforming the entire psyche of the whole person accessing the unconscious mind to fulfill.the soul’s journey. They both facilitate workshops and consultations worldwide on their online school using aromatics. Cathy is the author of The Alchemy of Menopause.

What can aromatic molecules do to our total well being? Can aromatherapy enhance our soul’s journey? Is nature conscious or intelligent? Cathy Skipper and her husband Dr. Florian Birkmayer, holistic psychiatrist guide patients with certain aromas to move forward in their life. Cathy discusses Carl Jung, the shadow, and his concept of the anatomy of the psyche. Cathy Skipper talks about the mother line and how the ancestor line has an influence on oneself. She discusses the knots in the body and the essential oils that can help heal the total person.. Cathy and her husband purchase the oils in France and India and are very aware of the entire processing of the oils from the beginning to the end. They want the highest vibration of an oil so that it works effectively for the healing process. A sacred bond is created between the oils and the unconscious mind. Cathy Skipper also discusses with host Carol the importance of our dreams and that mugwort can help us understand the symbols of the dream world. This show is about how nature, the spirit of life, the plants, the oils are important elements in the healing of the unconscious mind. This process will tap into the depth of our soul and we will freely travel our lives with the essence of who we truly are.