Angelic Healers and Reiki Masters

Jessica and Megan Schmidt – Founders of Happy Holistic, Jessica and Megan are Angelic Healers and Reiki Masters

Jessica is an artist specializing in spiritual art and also a psychic intuitive and Megan is the voice of the art, psychic medium – Spiritual Art and its Application with Mediumship, Halos, Auras, Spirit Guides and More!

What is spiritual art? When did it exist? Why is the color purple a different meaning to different people? Can an aura be seen or is it a mysterious feeling? What is the temperature scale of a color? Why does Jessica use a black canvas for chalk pastels? She discusses with Carol Olivia the psychic herbs that are placed in the chalk pastel box. What is the purpose of rice in the box? What are the symbols of wormwood and patchouli? Can we see angels? What are some of the healing qualities of some of the archangels? What is the meaning of an owl? Megan receives the messages while Jessica paints the messages on the canvas. Engage with the artistic process as Jessica paints with her chalk pastels and Megan uses her mediumship connecting the owl with host Carol Olivia. Sometimes Megan will see an image around the person such as a past soul. Jessica and Megan connect to angels with each session. What is the importance of colors? How can a color heal? They will share some of their stories and the messages they received with some of their clients. You will learn so much about spiritual art, a very old art form. What did the halos represent? Does spiritual art emanate from the conscious or unconscious mind?