Ancestral Healing and Knowing Thyself

Ancestral Healing and Knowing Thyself – Cathy Skipper

Cathy Skipper was trained in France as an herbalist and an aromatherapist. Cathy works with plants intuitively and helps others to reconnect with nature. Both Cathy Skipper and her husband Dr. Florian Birkmayer, holistic psychiatrist work with aromas for transforming the entire psyche of the person tapping into the unconscious mind to fulfill its soul’s journey.

Cathy Skipper delves into the mother line of her client or as she mentions the life force of the mother line. She believes that we can bury many traumas in our mother line which was never addressed or simply placed under the covers. She also talks about collective traumas such as traumas stored in indigenous cultures. One of the cultures that she mentions is the American Indian and the history of alcoholism, which could be considered part of the collective trauma syndrome. Can physical symptoms be inherited from our mother line? Once the trauma is healed from their mother line, the client feels freer and becomes connected to their soul’s mission. Sometimes we also inherit negative patterns from our mother line. How do essential oils help to heal the client and which ones are important to heal the unconscious mind? Lots of valuable information with a deep appreciation of the power of the unconscious mind.