Alcoholism – You Don’t Have to Hit Bottom

Alcoholism – You Don’t Have to Hit Bottom, How Can Alcoholics Triumph and Become Sober – Lisa Boucher

Lisa Boucher is a registered nurse and has worked in hospitals with hundreds of women with addiction issues for over 25 years. She realized from her many years in the medical setting that doctors and traditional health care practitioners offered little solutions with patients who had addiction issues. This propelled Lisa to write Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture. She received the Best Book Award in 2017 in the genre of women’s health.

Well over 15 million people in the United States have addiction problems and less than 8% receive treatment. What prevents them from taking the step for healing? Could it be a self denial? The guest came from an abusive family and discusses her upbringing and why she made the decision to stop drinking. Why do alcoholics drink and why are they not aware of their destructive energy? You will learn what alcoholism does to the liver, the immune system, the kidneys and more. Did you know that alcohol travels to the front section of the brain and can affect our decision making. Lisa gives you many ways to stop drinking before it is too late. Many resources have a spirituality component and an encouraging support group. Support groups provide a solution. Lisa Boucher and host Carol discuss the effect of mindfulness, self love and the willingness to triumph!