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Carol Olivia Adams

Carol Olivia Adams is  the host of The Matter of the Heart podcast and has interviewed over 300 guests on internet radio, AM radio, video and networks. She is an artist, graduated with a psychology degree, an ex-business owner of art supplies and antiques,  an inspirational  author and intuitive counselor and healer. She believes that the human spirit is the energy force of all human beings as well as all living elements of life.

I follow the signs of life or the synchronistic signs that life gives to me. My spiritual journey began with the purchase of a toothbrush and then  many doors opened for me to embrace with my spiritual journey. The Divine is always giving us messages and the trick is to catch them with an open and trustworthy heart. Dr. Bernie Siegel  always tells the listeners to quiet the mind on The Matter of the Heart podcast.”

Carol Olivia Adams has over 25 years of experience in all areas of the metaphysical realm and has guided hundreds of clients to live a more fulfilling, prosperous and heartfelt life.

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My Intent For You…

Carol Olivia - The Matter of the HeartI want to connect to your story and solve the root of your issue. We all have a history, and some of us have a lingering issue that has created a toxic energy in our heart. I want to gently peel away your layers, to uncover the beauty within your psyche or soul. I want you to discover your mission in life, your dreams and your valuable self that may not have been fully recognized. Your self love will unlock many doors of self discovery to your unique self. I believe you are the master of the ship, the driver of the car, the producer and director of your journey. I can guide you as much as possible in order to embrace your golden path of success in all areas of your life. I am non judgemental, wise and compassionate with each session. I listen to you. I am patient with you and believe that kindness is a healing tool. I innately know that you want to be heard and appreciated, and I am here for you.

We all have an important story to tell…

I work with many metaphysical tools. Your voice will connect me to the depth of your heart, and emotional blockages such as heavy control issues, anxiety, or intense fears. I then connect to your birthdate, the time that your spirit entered into the universe, the time that you became aligned with your spiritual partner, the Divine Force or whatever name that you are comfortable with. The birthdate serves as a place to  begin my reading and then I go beyond that connection and speak to you. I work to clear blocks in your aura and help you heal yourself into a higher state of  consciousness with a positive way of thinking. I use a variety of metaphysical tools to connect to the obstacles of your life. I send you love energy after each session and hope that my spiritual energy will help to inspire you with the recognition of your self empowerment, self love, and your special mission in life. I want you to know that love is all around and that you are loved.

“Love has no other desire than to fulfill itself.”– Kahlil Gibran



  • Carol Olivia - The Matter of the HeartLove counselor, love psychic
  • Partnership and Relationship Compatibility
  • Career and Finance in all areas of your life
  • Business Consultations in all areas of your life
  • Soul Purpose and Spiritual Challenges
  • Free Love Reading with Carol 

Tools I Use

  • Intuitive Astrologer
  • Tarot
  • Automatic Handwriting
  • Channeling
  • Empath

Reading Style

Wise, Compassionate, Patient and Always Trying to Get to the Root of the Issue


“You did then what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better.” – Maya Angelou


Recent Testimonials

“Carol picks up on the entire situation instantly. She has a gift to intuitively know how to delve, to get to the depth of your issue and offers you practical, spiritual and psychological advice.” – J.A. Mumbai, India

Carol Olivia - The Matter of the HeartCarol Olivia is honest, accurate, non judgemental and intelligent. Her intuition is truly a gift.m She does not give up until you become fulfilled with your  question. She is the real deal.” – Dr T. San Francisco, CA

“Carol helps you to discover your truest self in order to navigate your questions. She is a gem and you will not be disappointed. Try her” – L.M. Toronto, Canada

“Carol is truly gifted and a blessing to talk to. She helps you understand yourself  with no judgement, only love. You will have your answers!  Carol is a wise soul.  Accuracy is her forte.” – A.K. Vancouver, WA

“There are no words to describe this lady. She gives you her all.  Carol  is concerned about you,   compassionate and so patient!   She will listen to you with not an ounce of judgement.  She is an angel and her wings are golden.” – R.G. Sydney Australia

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