Loving Communication in Relationships

Loving Communication in Relationships and speaking from our heart with Dr. Carla Marie Manly

Dr.Carla Manly is a clinical psychologist integrating mindfulness practices in her profession. Dr. Manly specializes in treatment of anxiety, gender identity, family and all types of relationship issues, depression, physical intimacy, and more. She is also the author of Joy from Fear and Aging Joyfully. Are we communicating differently today with the onset of the virus? Do your eyes reflect more via silent communication because of the mask you wear? Does anyone show you anger on a food line and what do you do about it? How do we acquire loving kind words? Dr. Manly talks about the benefits of pets and why they can teach us physical and verbal communication all for our healing benefit. She also discusses why it is so important to speak from our heart. She is an advocate of creating classes in schools for empathy, kindness and listening. Do you take responsibility for your communication? How can we communicate to a narcissist person? What defense tools do they use? Dr. Carla Marie Manly gives you so much information on the art of communication in relationships and gives you 5 steps to follow.